[ad_1] A recent article published in the International Journal of Psychiatry examines the state of fundamental patterns of the mind of psychiatry, such as “neuroreductionism”. The author, Sanneke de Haan, a philosopher of psychiatry, argues that instead of narrow understandings based primarily on the brain, we could learn lessons fromRead More →

[ad_1] Filmmaker Ashish Avikunkthak. Photo: Courtesy of MUBI Content Warning: Suicide Citation “An Idiom Unto Itself” is how the MUBI streaming platform titles Ashish Avikunthak movies. Assistant Professor of Film Studies at the University of Rhode Island, Avikunthak is a student of archeology and anthropology and admittedly only makes filmsRead More →

At my university, I work with many first-generation and financially disadvantaged students, and I’m concerned that we don’t sufficiently understand students’ initial perceptions of philosophy. I lead a small team of researchers trying to collect data from as many students as possible to better understand these issues. This project gainedRead More →