A philosophy journal that won’t accept submissions from Iranian citizens? (update)

In a recent interview on Russia and Ukraine at TruthNoam Chomsky (MIT), speaking about sanctions and the tolerance of dissenting voices in public in the United States and elsewhere, points to an example of intolerance:

I recently learned from a colleague that one of his articles had been returned to him, unread, by a highly respected philosophy journal in England, with a notice that the article could not be considered because it is citizen of a country under sanctions: Iran. Sanctions are strongly opposed by Europe, but as usual, it submits to the Master [the U.S.]even going so far as to ban an article by an Iranian philosopher.

I asked Prof Chomsky for details of the ‘highly respected journal of philosophy in England’ it is but he said he had deliberately omitted details so as not to put anyone at further risk of harm .

Of course, it is not necessary to know the name of the author, but it would be good to know which journal it is. If you know, let us know or send me an e-mail. Please avoid speculative accusations. Thank you.

UPDATE (4/5/22): A reader shares a response to a form letter he received from a Wiley philosophy journal:

The journal welcomes contributions from around the world without restriction. However, we must abide by the law and regulations on sanctions. During the routine processing of your manuscript, it has been recognized that one or more authors reside in a country currently under sanctions.

This should not interfere with the handling of the article by Wiley, the journal editor, if:
(1) neither the author nor the entity with which the author is affiliated appears on any of the following lists:
§ http://data.europa.eu/euodp/en/data/dataset/consolidated-list-of-people-groups-and-entities-subject-to-the-eu-financial-sanctions
§ http://hmt-sanctions.s3.amazonaws.com/sanctionsconlist.htm
§ https://www.treasury.gov/resource-centre/sanctions/SDN-List/Pages/default.aspx
§ https://dfat.gov.au/international relationships/security/penalties/Pages/consolidated-list.aspx

Or, from North Korea, Crimea or South Sudan; and
(2)(a) is not employed by the government of Iran, Syria or Cuba; or
2(b)(i) prepares articles in their “personal capacity” (in other words, “not as an official representative or otherwise on behalf of any sanctioned government”); or
(2)(b)(ii) are employed in an academic or research institution where research or education is the primary function of the entity.
Please send us an email stating that the individual perpetrators residing in the sanctioned country are not on any of the above lists or from North Korea, Crimea or South Sudan and meet at least one of the conditions
(2)(a), 2(b)(i) or 2(b)(ii).

Once we receive this confirmation from you, Wiley can continue to process your manuscript.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this procedure. If you have any questions, please contact the journal editors.