AIX Investment Group strengthens its presence in the region

AIX Investment Group has ambitious plans to expand its presence in the region. The company has grown exponentially since its inception in 2007, when an independent consortium of European investors joined together to create the company.

The group has consistently grown and expanded its operations, alongside the rapidly growing financial ecosystem in the UAE and the region.

The financial advisory firm has generated passive income for investors an average of 28.7% annually, with a substantially expanding portfolio currently under its management. The strength of the company, according to Fadi Dabbagh, adviser to the company’s board of directors, lies in its vast expertise and a solid base, which is based on both intellectual and financial capital.

Dabbagh says, “We offer a highly personalized level of service that is completely focused on establishing our clients’ financial goals and aspirations.”

He adds: “When it comes to investing, confidence is the number one factor, the second being return. And that’s something we focus on a lot, making sure the client knows our background, our history and our operating model before we approach investment opportunities. When customers feel relaxed and secure knowing that the company knows what it is doing and with our track record, they proceed with the investment. Transparency is at the heart of our corporate philosophy.

As part of wider efforts to showcase its offerings to a community of local, regional and international investors, the company will be exhibiting at the Dubai International Boat Show, March 9-13. AIX Investment Group is also one of the main sponsors of the boat show.

Highlighting the company’s presence at the event, Dabbagh said, “The show is a gateway to reach people from different countries and various industries, right here in Dubai, in the heart of the United Arab Emirates.
“We will be exhibiting at the event at booth MLL-01 and will be perfectly placed to showcase our offerings to potential individual and institutional investors visiting the show. We are very
proud of the work that has been done to build this stand. It features luxurious design, exclusive furniture, lighting and accessories.

“We look forward to welcoming visitors to our booth to learn more about AIX Investment Group’s values, portfolio and services,” adds Dabbagh.

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