Ajaka’s pro-people political philosophy

Politics if truly defined as the struggles for the acquisition, control and use of power, then the Kogi East Senatorial Area of ​​Kogi State should roll out their drums in celebration for God, in His infinite mercy , provided a new political kid on the block. It introduces a new type of political regime which recognizes the people as the main factor in its political endeavours. Such is the case with the politics of Alhaji Murtala Yakubu Ajaka, deputy national publicity secretary of the All Progressives Congress, APC. Our people have long yearned for a leader who personifies their struggles for a better life, a leader willing to wage the symmetrical and asymmetrical war that they wage. Today our people know a good leader when they see one and now their prayers are answered by the political activities of the Hon. Murtala Ajaka.

With the activities of Murtala Ajaka, our people’s perception of politics as a dirty game that decent people should not indulge in is indeed giving way to hope. Indeed, Murtala Ajaka brings hope to politics, especially in his home state of Kogi, where political pessimism is giving way to optimism. He repeatedly showed that politics should be seen as a vehicle of service to the people, dispelling by his political effort and service the notion long held but rightly due to the activities of ancient political practitioners, that politics in while the game is only for rudderless scavengers, selfish opportunists and indolent political entrepreneurs who have come to seek power as a means to an end and a vehicle for the acquisition of obscene wealth without any regard for the common good.

Murtala Ajaka’s political activities have defied all those known trends that are synonymous with the blight of Nigeria’s political development. He deployed his pro-grassroots political dispensation to correct this impression. His politics are now generally regarded as a vehicle for the development of his people and today seen as one of the pillars and a flying jet of hope and development. Never known to be drawn to the intrigues, subterfuges, manipulations and betrayals that characterize the pursuit of power, he considers people in this category to seek power just for fun and for its glamour, fun, fame, its wealth and its exercise opportunities. dominance over others.

He is exceptional because he would never seek or pursue power just for the sake of it or expend much time, energy, and resources to attain or retain power without giving much thought to the lofty and lofty purpose for which power can be used. He has shown individually through his actions and statements that he is different and that his mission in politics is the people. Hon Ajaka does not belong to the class of politicians who have vested and selfish interests.

He gradually builds political trust and he exemplified this when recently our people were devastated by the flood which left many homeless and hopeless. He came unsolicited and donated a huge sum of money which was used to provide relief to those affected and it is the advantageous policy of the Hon. Murtala Ajaka. This is to show that he is very aware of people’s pain and always ready to show compassion when needed. His model of policy through this action is to help raise society to a higher level of development and an act of selfless service to humanity while surpassing himself.

Today in Kogi State, especially in Kogi East, people are happy that a political leader has been born because a man, who has contributed so much to the public good and always makes himself available to the people by in urgent need, is indeed a thing of joy. He is always concerned about government policies and programs, especially as they affect the poor and vulnerable in society.

In largely polluted waters and a seemingly bankrupt and deceitful political era and among his contemporaries, it appears to the people that the Hon. Ajaka is different and symbolizes the fundamental political values ​​of respect and commitment to all. People always trust his opinions because he has shown that he is for them and supports them, rain or shine. He is different because he has a passion for critical thinking and a relentless pursuit of transformative ideas that power should be used to bring to fruition.

His approach to politics was for many political analysts in Kogi State, especially Dr. Tom Ohikere, that in our time a new political leader has been born. Alumni applauded his politics and said many politicians have a lot to learn from him, especially his commitment to the public good. It is obviously difficult for anyone among his peers to rival him today with his eloquence and factual political knowledge.

As Deputy National Secretary for Publicity of Kogi State APC, he has deservedly served the party to be regarded as the pride of the North-Central geopolitical area he represents for his immense contributions to progress of our national political development. Its political appeal is significant and transcends Kogi State or any ideological, ethnic or religious boundaries. Now it’s hard not to admire the compassion that drives his wellness-focused policy.

For a man eternally convinced that given the depth of poverty and misery in the territory and the corresponding inequalities, there is no other alternative than to deploy the resources of society to invest in the most most vulnerable and secondarily the most populated in society with a view to actualizing their potential and transforming them into development assets rather than liabilities. This requires the massive collaboration of all leaders to invest in education, health, infrastructure and poverty reduction. And that is what Hon Ajaka’s policy is all about.

Wada writes from Abuja via