Ambassador of Kazakhstan calls Minister of Science and Technology

The Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan to Pakistan, HE Yerzhan Kistanfin, visited the Federal Minister of Science and Technology (MoST) Agha Hassan Baloch at his office on Monday.

The minister welcomed the ambassador and said Pakistan attaches great importance to ties with Kazakhstan and is willing to further expand bilateral cooperation in various areas of mutual interest, according to a press release.

He pointed out the tremendous cooperation opportunities that exist between the two countries and should be explored for the immense benefit of both parties. He expressed the wish for a broader and deeper relationship with the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Agha Hassan Baloch said Pakistan is very fertile and full of potential that needs to be explored. He said Gwadar Port offers huge opportunities for Kazakhstan to promote trade with the Middle East and other countries around the world.

He said that soon Gwadar will be the hub of trade and the landlocked republics will have access to the world through the development of Gwadar port, which will lead to socio-economic improvement in the whole region. He also mentioned the rich mineral resources of Balochistan and the mining sector development strategy there.

The two dignitaries discussed the process of signing a memorandum of understanding for the establishment of a joint research council for science and technology cooperation which is expected to be signed within the next two months.

Expressing his satisfaction with the growing cooperation between Pakistan and Kazakhstan, the Federal Minister said that we are motivated to develop cooperation between the younger generations and that science and technology are the future. A memorandum of understanding with the Kazakh National University Al-Frabi of Kazakhstan and the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) is also planned.

Agha Hassan Baloch said an implementation plan should follow the MoU in the future for both entities to work on strategies of these strategies.

HE Yerzhan Kistafin informed the Federal Minister of an international meeting which was organized recently in Kazakhstan on the philosophy and services of Dr. Muhammad Iqbal, the poet of the East. He also mentioned the trade summit at the Expo Center in Kazakhstan this year, where Pakistani companies showcased their products to the Kazakhstan business community. He stressed the need to strengthen bilateral relations with Pakistan in the field of science and various economic sectors. It is time to revive relations between two brotherly Muslim countries.

The Ambassador said that Pakistan has a remarkable and perfect location on the world map and all possible practical measures will be taken to make the most of this location.

Federal Minister of Science and Technology, Agha Hassan Baloch, said collaboration in scientific research can be the cornerstone for increasing the capacity of countries. He welcomed the Prime Minister’s commitment to all possible measures in this regard.

The Ambassador presented souvenirs to the Federal Minister for Science and Technology. The Joint Secretary and Technical Advisor of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Mr. Zain ul Abidin, also attended the meeting.