An IR View: Global Educator of the Year, Invest in Helena, Science Circus | Editorial

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We could all learn a thing or two from Ryan Cooney’s courses on government, history, and world cultures at Project For Alternative Learning.

In Cooney’s class, everyone is friends. Its goal is to force students to look beyond their differences and see themselves as people.

Many problems in our world could be solved if everyone adopted this philosophy.

Cooney was recently named Global Educator of the Year by the Montana World Affairs Council for inspiring students to learn about other cultures, ideas, and global issues.

World events can have a major impact on the future of our community, our country, and even our species, and we want to thank Cooney for helping to raise the next generation of global citizens.

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Population growth in the Helena area is inevitable, but a newly formed group is working to help ensure our community does not lose its identity in the process.

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The Invest in Helena group was formed by the Montana Business Assistance Connection, the Helena Area Chamber of Commerce, and several other local organizations and businesses.

They encourage local residents to invest their money, time, energy or expertise in Helena, and they hope to bring people together to work towards a common vision that embraces the potential of the community.

As our Bozeman neighbors learn, growing a community can be difficult for existing residents as well as new people coming from other areas.

Anything this group can do to help ease the pain of everyone involved has our full support.

The first Invest In Helena meeting is scheduled for March 10 from 4-6 p.m. on the second floor of the Helena Regional Airport, and tickets are $15.

To visit for more information.

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Helena High School Science Seminary students prove that science can be fun.

As part of this year’s Science Circus program, students are demonstrating a “money eating” experience at local elementary schools and have created a variety of take-home experiences for the community to enjoy.

Although the annual Science Circus event in the Helena High gymnasium has been canceled for the past three years due to COVID-19 concerns, the students and their teacher Missy Sampson have found a great way to keep the tradition alive. .

Hopefully things can get back to normal for next year’s event.

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