Anambra 2021: Andy Uba’s “Igwebuike” philosophy and his winning streak

Andy Uba: candidate for the post of governor of the APC in the elections of Anambra: predicts the victory of his party

Andy uba

By Victor Afam Ogene

Whether democracy is a numbers game has never been debated. This is obvious, both in principle and in practice. Indeed, in this universally preferred form of government, the people are rightly the vital engine that feeds democratic processes and their actualization.

Therefore, from this fundamental framework, it is undeniable that the higher the numbers, the brighter the collective fortunes of the groups or individuals that inhabit a given political party. This, succinctly, is in tune with a popular African adage, “a tree does not make a forest”. Or, perhaps, another who says, “When a collective urinates in a place, it conjures up a foam!”

Victor Ogene: appointed spokesperson for Andy Uba's campaign organization for the election of Anambra governorate

Victor Ogene, spokesperson for the Andy Uba campaign organization for the election of the Anambra governorate

These capture well the ongoing political and social engineering that is currently taking place in Anambra State by the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the run-up to the governor’s election on November 6, 2021. In recent times , the APC’s fortunes in the state, as well as throughout the Southeast, continued to receive an unprecedented boost, given the number and caliber of politicians and supporters who continue to embrace the party in a storm of defections from rival political parties.

The phenomenon is so confusing that today a CPA who, just a few months ago, struggled with monumental challenges of acceptance in Anambra and the Southeast region in general, is now the beautiful bride. , not only recognized by many as a true national party, but one in which they wish to commune together. Eureka! the people seem to have finally discovered the most appropriate political vehicle to relaunch themselves on the front of the national scene and ensure a more promising future.

Previously, other opposing parties in the area had almost succeeded in giving the APC the ignominious image of an unwanted enemy of the people – a pariah and hate entity of the Igbo race. By deploying a combination of underhanded post-civil war propaganda and modern rejecting rhetoric, it has been easy enough to establish the CPA, as the perpetrator and finisher of whatever bad luck the Igbo have faced. , whether at home or in the diaspora.

For a people so renowned for its republican disposition, this was certainly a new philosophy – unwittingly, forged in the furnace of pure partisanship and hungry for personal advancement.

If this was not the case, how is it that almost two decades later, the lyrical muezzin, nkea bu nke anyi (it’s ours), refused to be internalized, and accepted as a rallying hymn in the four other southeastern states of Enugu, Abia, Imo and Ebonyi?

Besides Anambra, why was it difficult to spread and plant this seemingly good seed in any of the aforementioned states?

How is it also that those who promoted the concept, almost to the point of being a religion, after having lived a “Damascus” experience, left the orchestra for their choirboys?

In fact, how understandable is it that the new altar boys continue to desecrate the shrine, leaving the Prophetess in awe as the ship heads hopelessly towards the rocks?

The answers to these posers lie in the realization that it only takes one day of truth to overcome many years of lies.

For the new political consciousness that has suddenly enveloped our landscape, overturning previously flawed and unfathomable philosophical notions, the maxim that time and truth exonerate the victims of lies seems to be at work.

Many have attributed this new lease of life to the APC in the South East to many factors. But would it be a mere coincidence that this drastic reinvention of the party in Anambra, in particular, has taken place since the emergence of Senator Andy Uba, as the candidate for the post of governor of the APC in the state? I do not think so.

Powered by his Igwebuike philosophy, Senator Uba’s popular Igbo nickname, which when translated means: ‘Strength in numbers’, the scenario unfolding in Anambra is the product of a well-thought-out political reengineering intended to wean the people of a bellicose disposition hitherto unknown to their ancestors.

How is it that a people renowned for their courage in battles, their friendly spirit, their sense of adventure, their travels, their good neighborliness, their technical skills and their creative ingenuity in the face of challenges and difficulties are now the very people looking for answers in ethnic cocoons? Tufiakwa!

In short, Igwebuike means democracy! More simple ! And Senator Uba is not only leading the charge, he is living etiquette in full expression in his efforts to make the CPA a formidable force in Anambra State. It is strategic and deliberate in fueling the fuel of unison and purpose to the vehicle of collective progress and improvement of ndi Anambra and Ndi Igbo in general by widening the gates and side of the party in the state.

And rather than a desperate and selfish quest to be a lonely podium hug, Igwebuike deploys positive energy to ensure he attracts a quality ndi Anambra, with remarkable leadership, organizational and governance skills, in the fold of APC. To me, this is laudable leadership and social engineering foresight for the sake of Anambra and her precious people. He appreciates that no one knows everything, but together a winning team of leaders who put the best interests of the people first will emerge.

The APC as a brand benefits from Senator Andy Uba’s Igwebuike political ideology “live and live”. And the harvest is brilliant, both in quality and quantity.

The obvious sting of ‘how did we get here’ tormenting the hearts of the leaders and followers of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), by the defection to the APC and the subsequent reception of Dr. Nkem Okeke, vice-president Governor of Anambra State, by President Muhammadu Buhari in Abuja, is not lost on political observers. In essence, it underscores not only the party’s current pleasurable appeal to the state, but also the swift and steady movement on the path to victory.

It is, however, established that prior to this astonishing development, the CPA had also attracted several senior politicians, including sitting and former senators, past and current members of the House of Representatives, sitting legislators and old states and many more from prominent political parties. And we say, Igwebuike!

Just a few days ago, the candidate for the post of vice-governor of the Accord Party in the upcoming elections on November 6, Leader Kenneth Obi, was also captivated by the populist provisions of the CPA and dumped his party. to join the spirit of Igwebuike (strength in numbers), in the general interest of Anambra State!

And since democracy is a numbers game, we are sure that with the relentless influx of new members and the expected impact of grassroots mobilization and realignments, APC and ndi Anambra will echo on November 6, 2021 and beyond, a resounding Igwebuike! Surely Igwebuike wins and wins again. As in 2007, it will win again in an overwhelming swell!

• The Hon. Ogene, former member and Deputy Chairman of the Nigeria House of Representatives Media and Public Affairs Committee, is the Director of Media and Publicity for the Campaign Organization for the Government of Senator Andy Uba (SAUGCO).

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