Business collaboration is key to strengthening training and future workforce in the region

Gay Wilson, IMPACT trainer and assessor, and Katie Owen, member of the training’s digital support team.

Teamwork is the source of a dream job. It would be a tired cliché if it weren’t true.

IMPACT Community Services partners with local businesses in the individual support sector to meet the needs of our community.

Although IMPACT already has a strong offering of one-on-one support courses, they are constantly looking to improve the delivery and similarly companies in this sector are looking for ways to grow their operations and workforce.

That’s why IMPACT, Community Access Care, Community Lifestyle Support, and Care Right Associates have teamed up on a new initiative designed to benefit students, the future workforce, and ultimately have a positive impact. training on people receiving care in the region.

Industry partners will take an active role in training IMPACT students and provide guaranteed interview opportunities for those who complete their studies.

IMPACT’s Chief Employment and Training Officer, Nathan Spruce, said training with IMPACT is not just about studying for a qualification, it is also about developing productive employment pathways.

Spruce said building productive relationships with industry partners was key to getting people to work in a sector where job opportunities were currently high.

Community Lifestyle Support Learning and Design Partner Wayne Morden said, “As the largest employer of people with disabilities in the Bundaberg and Hervey Bay areas, we are delighted to be a key partner in this pilot program.” .

“What this means for Community Lifestyle Support is that we can have confidence in the hands-on skills of new employees employed through this pilot program, allowing us to further develop their skills when working with our organization. “, did he declare.

This program is for anyone who is unemployed or looking to change careers in the care sector.

For learners, the benefits of this program include connecting with employers in the care sector and learning how their training is applied in the workplace from the start of the course.

It also gives learners a greater network to use both during their studies for work placement and once they have completed their training and are navigating the job market. For IMPACT, this pilot project aims to improve what we offer in the training space – providing students with a greater variety of learning, resources, information and skills.

This collaboration is a 12-month pilot program, but if successful, it is hoped that partnerships will increase as more companies join.

IMPACT hopes to apply a similar philosophy with local hospitality businesses to provide the same partnership and learning outcomes for students undertaking training in this field.