Philosophers are expected to understand events and phenomena from a rather detached perspective, keeping in mind useful theoretical patterns and precedents. But the situation in Ukraine made the secondment difficult for me. Not only are more than half of my family from Ukraine, but I have also long been concernedRead More →

Wittgenstein’s first private notebooks have just been published in English, translated by Marjorie Perloff (Stanford). Towards the end of an essay about them, Kieran Setiya (MIT) draws attention to “how personal philosophy is”. The road to this subject winds through the question of why it took so long for theRead More →

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! After two marathon days of testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Republicans still say they don’t know enough about the judicial philosophy of Supreme Court nominee Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson. “I believe we still haven’t heard your judicial philosophy. And I wishRead More →

A day after meeting with President Joe Biden’s Supreme Court nominee, Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said he would study his “judicial philosophy” ahead of his confirmation process. “I liked meeting Judge Jackson”, McConnell tweeted Thursday. “A crucial qualification of the Supreme Court is judicial philosophy.Read More →

A Philosophy and Coffee event, presented by the Department of Political Science and the Student Teachers Club, will be held on Wednesday, March 2 from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. in room DSU 3005. Austin Roehrich, a fourth-year history student and president of Students Teaching Students, explained that the event allowsRead More →

Tue 02/22/2022 – 14:21 | From: David Tisdale EDITOR’S NOTE: A previous release announcing the USM Online Philosophy and Religion Forum for Spring 2022 included a presentation scheduled for February 25 that has since been cancelled. Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter. Philosophical questions surrounding disability,Read More →

In a paper presented at the University of Quebec at Montreal’s Philosophy of Psychiatry webinar series in January, Professor Nev Jones explains the politics of traditional philosophical approaches to insanity and calls for an ethical settlement with the dominant approach. For Jones, psychosis is more than an object of abstractRead More →

Politics should learn lessons about the ethics and economics of people’s well-being and use the power it has acquired, towards the common goal of purity, peace and prosperity, says Rajyogi Brahmakumar Nikunj ji According to well-established political practice, each elected government in a country must submit its annual budget toRead More →

The Lieutenant Governor receiving the Mahatma Gandhi Award on Sunday. Tributes paid to the Father of the Nation Excelsior CorrespondentJAMMU, January 30: Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha today paid tribute to the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi on his Punya-Tithi during an event hosted by Global Gandhi Family J&K, atRead More →

There is an abundant literature on leadership with several definitions and new theories. Leadership is widely talked about around the world, but less understood. It is less well understood because there is no universal definition of leadership. Some scholars, authors, educators, researchers, and leadership practitioners have developed their own theoriesRead More →

Boston District 6 Councilwoman Kendra Lara will deliver her first speech on socialism to council at its Wednesday meeting. Lara answered questions from Jamaica Plain News about socialism, how it can help its constituents, and more. Councilwoman Kendra Lara for District 6 (Mayor’s office photo by Jeremiah Robinson) Lara wasRead More →

Adrian Lee is a barrister and solicitor in London, specializing in criminal defence, and was twice a Conservative candidate for Parliament. Who is the most eminent British conservative philosopher of the second half of the 20th century? Today, most under-forties would probably say that Roger Scruton qualified for the title,Read More →

In an interview at The Australasia Journal of Undergraduate PhilosophyThomas Spiteri asks Peter Godfrey-Smith (Sydney) about “the best way to make epistemic progress” by answering philosophical questions about minds and consciousness. [Design for Xiangjiang Gate Tower by RMJM Shanghai] Godfrey-Smith’s answer is that philosophy will not do it alone: NowRead More →

Full-time, 3-year term position, located at our Camperdown campus Work alongside internationally renowned experts in the field Base salary $78,143 – $105,305 + 17% retirement pension About the Opportunity The School of Philosophical and Historical Inquiry (SOPHI) is seeking to appoint an Associate Lecturer in Political Philosophy who has anRead More →

[ad_1] By Jérôme-Mario Chijioke Utomi Naturally, the main factor, according to one report, which daily shortens the seriousness with which communications from officials / public offices are taken by the population is that the generality of such information is often referred to as “self-denigration”. They are regularly known to encourageRead More →

[ad_1] UUnder the title of a 1986 newsletter, “Ubuntu, Abantu, Abelungu”, Black Sash, the anti-apartheid organization founded as a vanguard of the opposition of white liberal women in South Africa , reported the startling findings of a white field worker in his program against forced land abductions – Black peopleRead More →

[ad_1] World Philosophy Day at UNESCO has been celebrated every year since 2002 on the third Thursday in November. By proclaiming a World Philosophy Day, the Member States of UNESCO at its 33rd General Conference in 2005 underlined the beneficial influence of this Day on the promotion of the teachingRead More →

[ad_1] ANI | Update: Dec 17 2021 22:44 STI New Delhi [India], December 17 (ANI): Vietnam-India ties are grounded in Hanoi’s cultural values ​​of patriotism and compassion and New Delhi’s philosophy of equality, peace and humanism, which originated in Buddhism and Hinduism, according to Vietnamese National Assembly Speaker Vuong DinhRead More →

[ad_1] Gbenga Aluko, Senator Daniel Olugbenga Aluko, son of the late economics professor Sam Aluko, died of a heart attack on Saturday, November 20, 2021 in Abuja.Aluko, who was a senator from Ekiti South constituency between 1999 and 2003, collapsed and died after being rushed to hospital. Aluko was bornRead More →

[ad_1] Top Congressman Salman Khurshid started a bushfire with his book on Ayodhya, in which he compared Hindutva to the radical philosophy adopted by jihadist groups like ISIS and Boko Haram. In the chapter “The Saffron Sky”, writes Khurshid, “Sanatan Dharma and the classical Hinduism known to sages and saintsRead More →

[ad_1] Promoting philosophical discourse, Marquette’s philosophy department hosts a series of Friday seminars on philosophy. The Friday Philosophy Seminar Series is a weekly seminar where a graduate student, faculty member, or guest speaker presents their work. After the presentation, there is a question-and-answer session that lasts 30 to 45 minutes.Read More →

[ad_1] One of the achievements of social scientists over the past century has been the leveling of the hierarchical distinction between modern and pre-modern societies. While in the public imagination this distinction dominates, in the social sciences it has become, if not disappeared, at least uninteresting. This is why, forRead More →

[ad_1] Whether democracy is a numbers game has never been debated. This is obvious, both in principle and in practice. Indeed, in this universally preferred form of government, the people are rightly the vital engine that feeds democratic processes and their actualization. Therefore, from this fundamental framework, it is undeniableRead More →

[ad_1] Andy uba By Victor Afam Ogene Whether democracy is a numbers game has never been debated. This is obvious, both in principle and in practice. Indeed, in this universally preferred form of government, the people are rightly the vital engine that feeds democratic processes and their actualization. Therefore, fromRead More →

[ad_1] Olúfẹ́mi O. Táíwò, Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Georgetown University, will present “Subjective Security” on Thursday 11 November at 5 pm. He will present on Zoom. Some people chose to attend the presentation together in Stevenson Room 121. Others are welcome. If you want to participate via Zoom, theRead More →

[ad_1] Stephen Hawking claimed that “philosophy is dead” in his book “The Grand Design: New Answers to the Ultimate Questions of Life”, arguing that philosophy is no longer relevant. Popular physicist Lawrence Krauss, displaying his ignorance of philosophy, said: “I don’t believe anything. Belief is not a word used byRead More →

[ad_1] A “responsible definition of well-being,” says Anna Alexandrova (Cambridge), “must be fit for the goals of the project – epistemically accessible, reasonably simple, in other words fit for purpose … Philosophers of Well-Being in the analytical tradition think very differently. “ This is from a discussion of the questionRead More →

[ad_1] Hyderabad: In the modern world of paradoxes, globalization creates opportunities and wealth for both nations and individuals and yet seems to be floundering – a panacea, but a threat. As incomes and socio-political inequalities continue to increase, the philosophy of “equality” as preached by Sri Ramanujacharya over 1,000 yearsRead More →

[ad_1] The World Health Organization (WHO) on Thursday congratulated Prime Minister Narendra Modi as India made history and overtook the First World and other major nations by administering more than 100 crore doses of the COVID vaccine. 19 to its citizens. Prime Minister Modi took note of the praise fromRead More →

[ad_1] During a noisy and at times entertaining event at a sports bar in Columbia, Maryland, the Maryland Libertarians chose David Lashar, an IT policy professional and former Hogan administration official, to be their gubernatorial candidate. David Lashar accepts the nomination of the Libertarian Party as governor on Monday evening.Read More →

[ad_1] Riffat Iqbal, professor at Bahauddin Zakariaya University (BZU), received a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) from the University of Karachi. Dr Riffat Iqbal, Assistant Professor in the BZU Department of Philosophy, recently completed her doctorate. His doctoral thesis was on “the ethical thought of Alasdair MacIntyre”. In alliance with MacIntyre,Read More →

[ad_1] ROCKWALL, TX (October 15, 2021) County judge candidate John Beaman shared the following message in a press release today: In Rockwall County, the county judge is essentially the chairman of the budget; in fact, Texas state law requires it until the county’s population reaches 225,000, at which time theRead More →

[ad_1] Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay greatly admired the philosophy of integral Hinduism, which later became the basic philosophy of the ruling political party in contemporary times. He said India’s main concern should be to develop an indigenous economic model that puts people at the center of the stage. The visionRead More →

[ad_1] New Delhi: University of Delhi colleges have seen increased interest in BA philosophy (with distinction) this year, with nearly half of colleges offering the course seeing places filling up in the unreserved category of the course. first listing itself, which has not happened in previous years. Principals and collegeRead More →

[ad_1] Dinar Sultana Putul. Photo: Courtesy “> Dinar Sultana Putul. Photo: Courtesy Dinar Sultana Putul is a contemporary artist based in Bangladesh whose artistic practices focus on quasi-scientific research and documentation of organic mediums and materials that explore various themes surrounding nature. In the current exhibition “Imaginary of the Common:Read More →