Gbenga Aluko, Senator Daniel Olugbenga Aluko, son of the late economics professor Sam Aluko, died of a heart attack on Saturday, November 20, 2021 in Abuja.Aluko, who was a senator from Ekiti South constituency between 1999 and 2003, collapsed and died after being rushed to hospital. Aluko was born onRead More →

Top Congressman Salman Khurshid started a bushfire with his book on Ayodhya, in which he compared Hindutva to the radical philosophy adopted by jihadist groups like ISIS and Boko Haram. In the chapter “The Saffron Sky”, writes Khurshid, “Sanatan Dharma and the classical Hinduism known to sages and saints wereRead More →

Promoting philosophical discourse, Marquette’s philosophy department hosts a series of Friday seminars on philosophy. The Friday Philosophy Seminar Series is a weekly seminar where a graduate student, faculty member, or guest speaker presents their work. After the presentation, there is a question-and-answer session that lasts 30 to 45 minutes. JessicaRead More →

One of the achievements of social scientists over the past century has been the leveling of the hierarchical distinction between modern and pre-modern societies. While in the public imagination this distinction dominates, in the social sciences it has become, if not disappeared, at least uninteresting. This is why, for example,Read More →

Whether democracy is a numbers game has never been debated. This is obvious, both in principle and in practice. Indeed, in this universally preferred form of government, the people are rightly the vital engine that feeds democratic processes and their actualization. Therefore, from this fundamental framework, it is undeniable thatRead More →

Andy uba By Victor Afam Ogene Whether democracy is a numbers game has never been debated. This is obvious, both in principle and in practice. Indeed, in this universally preferred form of government, the people are rightly the vital engine that feeds democratic processes and their actualization. Therefore, from thisRead More →

Olúfẹ́mi O. Táíwò, Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Georgetown University, will present “Subjective Security” on Thursday 11 November at 5 pm. He will present on Zoom. Some people chose to attend the presentation together in Stevenson Room 121. Others are welcome. If you want to participate via Zoom, the meetingRead More →

Stephen Hawking claimed that “philosophy is dead” in his book “The Grand Design: New Answers to the Ultimate Questions of Life”, arguing that philosophy is no longer relevant. Popular physicist Lawrence Krauss, displaying his ignorance of philosophy, said: “I don’t believe anything. Belief is not a word used by scientists,Read More →

A “responsible definition of well-being,” says Anna Alexandrova (Cambridge), “must be fit for the goals of the project – epistemically accessible, reasonably simple, in other words fit for purpose … Philosophers of Well-Being in the analytical tradition think very differently. “ This is from a discussion of the question ofRead More →

Hyderabad: In the modern world of paradoxes, globalization creates opportunities and wealth for both nations and individuals and yet seems to be floundering – a panacea, but a threat. As incomes and socio-political inequalities continue to increase, the philosophy of “equality” as preached by Sri Ramanujacharya over 1,000 years agoRead More →

During a noisy and at times entertaining event at a sports bar in Columbia, Maryland, the Maryland Libertarians chose David Lashar, an IT policy professional and former Hogan administration official, to be their gubernatorial candidate. David Lashar accepts the nomination of the Libertarian Party as governor on Monday evening. (MarylandRead More →

Riffat Iqbal, professor at Bahauddin Zakariaya University (BZU), received a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) from the University of Karachi. Dr Riffat Iqbal, Assistant Professor in the BZU Department of Philosophy, recently completed her doctorate. His doctoral thesis was on “the ethical thought of Alasdair MacIntyre”. In alliance with MacIntyre, DrRead More →

ROCKWALL, TX (October 15, 2021) County judge candidate John Beaman shared the following message in a press release today: In Rockwall County, the county judge is essentially the chairman of the budget; in fact, Texas state law requires it until the county’s population reaches 225,000, at which time the auditorRead More →

Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay greatly admired the philosophy of integral Hinduism, which later became the basic philosophy of the ruling political party in contemporary times. He said India’s main concern should be to develop an indigenous economic model that puts people at the center of the stage. The vision couldRead More →

New Delhi: University of Delhi colleges have seen increased interest in BA philosophy (with distinction) this year, with nearly half of colleges offering the course seeing places filling up in the unreserved category of the course. first listing itself, which has not happened in previous years. Principals and college teachersRead More →

Dinar Sultana Putul. Photo: Courtesy “> Dinar Sultana Putul. Photo: Courtesy Dinar Sultana Putul is a contemporary artist based in Bangladesh whose artistic practices focus on quasi-scientific research and documentation of organic mediums and materials that explore various themes surrounding nature. In the current exhibition “Imaginary of the Common: 50Read More →

For many years debates and renunciations persisted among Western and African philosophers about the lack of an African philosophy. In his book How Natives Think, Bruhl (1910) posited two fundamental mentalities of humanity, “primitive” and “western”, the latter of which does not differentiate the supernatural from reality, but rather usesRead More →

Outlook 04 October 2021 13:13 IST Ram Madhav’s Book Provides Insight into “Philosophy of Integral Humanism” 1970-01-01T05: 30: 00 + 0530 New Delhi, October 4 (PTI) A new book by RSS official Ram Madhav, providing concrete information on the philosophy of integral humanism proposed by philosopher-politician Pt Deendayal Upadhyay,Read More →

UDHAMPUR: Radhika Sharma of semester 2 of the Government College for Women Udhampur was declared best lecturer in an intercollegiate competition on the theme “Status of Women in Gandhian Philosophy”. The competition was organized by the Department of Music in conjunction with the NSS Government College for Women (GCW) UdhampurRead More →

Laurentian has done away with what are considered core university programs, like philosophy and physics, and will likely have to reintroduce some to attract students and provide a well-rounded education, prominent post-secondary experts say. The school, still in shock after becoming the first Canadian public post-secondary institution to look toRead More →

By Zadock Amanyisa Minister for East African Affairs Gen Kahunda Otafiire says he will oppose his boss, President Museveni should he divert from their political philosophy.  During an interview with Saturday Monitor’s Zadock Amanyisa,  Gen Otafiire reflects of the 34 years of his party’s rule.  How is the election seasonRead More →

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday dedicated the Ayushman Bharat program to the Antyodaya philosophy of former Bharatiya leader Jana Sangh Deen Dayal Upadhyaya. Calling Upadhyay one of the greatest thinkers of the last century, Prime Minister Modi said: “His economic philosophy, his policies aimed at empowering society, the AntyodayaRead More →

Philosophy of Integral Humanism proposed by Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya (pictured) | Text size: A- A + New Delhi: Article 3 of the constitution of the Bharatiya Janata (BJP) party states that “integral humanism” is the basic philosophy of the party. The philosophy was proposed by Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya, aRead More →

True to the glory of bilateral relations between Bangladesh and India, India’s High Commissioner in Dhaka Vikram Doraiswami said on Saturday that Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and Mahatma Gandhi, recognized as the fathers of their respective nations, shared a similar political philosophy and ideology during their individual journeys. The IndianRead More →

To understand the wave of “little pink” ultra-nationalism sweeping the People’s Republic of China, it is instructive to examine “Xi Jinping’s thinking on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era.” Incorporated into the constitution of the Communist Party of China at its 19th Congress in October 2017 and commonlyRead More →

Cryptoculture Cryptocurrencies are best understood by examining the community structure and the cultural values ​​they exhibit, rather than the economic activity they create. Cryptocurrencies are truly “cryptocultures” and these cultures are many, a plurality. I define a cryptoculture as an open source community with its own micro-economy. Each culture integratesRead More →

June 22, 2021 1:27 p.m. ET Charles M. Schulz, creator of the comic strip “Peanuts”, in 1978. Photo: Getty Images Michael Taube’s June 18 review of Blake Scott Ball’s “Charlie Brown’s America” (Library, June 18) recalls two beloved “Peanuts” comics cut decades ago. Here is the first: Linus: I’m interestedRead More →

Phil craig writes that in just 24 months, greater provincial autonomy, including the option of outright independence, has shifted from political obscurity to the dominant political philosophy of the Western Cape. It is only at the very end of a Sherlock Holmes novel that a series of seemingly harmless eventsRead More →

Sarawak Bersatu Party Chairman Datuk Sri Wong Soon Koh (left), seen with Batu Lintang See Chee How MP, speaks at a press conference on March 9, 2021. – Photo by Sulok Tawie KUCHING, April 4 – The Sarawak Pakatan Harapan (PH) has been urged not to question the political philosophyRead More →

Boris Johnson recently told a private meeting of Tory MPs that the success of the UK’s vaccination program was due to capitalism and greed. By associating capitalism with greed, it can be inferred that Johnson’s understanding of capitalism is reductive, deceptively confusing enlightened self-interest, property rights, and individualism with theRead More →

Nigerian politics are described by observers and analysts as politics without ideology. The only dominant ideological front seems to be ethnicity and tribalism. With over 100 years of nationhood and around 60 years of independence and autonomy from Britain, Nigerian politics are still steeped in crisis and instability caused byRead More →

Poonam Datta Hollywood actor Martin Sheen’s recent recitation of Rabindranath Tagore’s poem, “Where the Mind is Without Fear,” once again demonstrates the continued universal appeal of the poet’s signature composition. Tagore’s vision of transcending time, place, space and national borders continues to resonate with the dreams and hopes of peopleRead More →