Cloud9 Reveals LS As New Head Coach: Tactics, Strategies & Philosophy


Cloud9 (C9) has recruited Nick “LS” De Cesare as the new head coach of the League of Legends listing. LS is a famous figure around the League scene, whether in a positive or negative light. But not all fans may be familiar with LS’s approach to the game. Here’s what fans can expect in terms of tactics and strategies along with other plans that have been revealed so far on C9’s preparations for the upcoming LCS season.

C9 and LS ink training camp

After much teasing for the community and even outright denials from both sides, Cloud9 dropped the coach reveals video Wednesday, the same day the team was supposed to travel to Korea to start their bootcamp. LS has already stayed in Korea, having strong ties to the professional scene there, including the T1 powerhouse. C9 has confirmed that their new head coach will be flying to Los Angeles early in the season next year.

There are many factors that make this move seem like a good fit for C9 and fans are already anticipating what LS can bring to the team. The new coach will hopefully be able to work well with the three Korean players the organization has recruited this offseason. After all, LS played a role in helping C9 identify these promising stars to add to their roster. Additionally, LS has previously worked with top laner turned mid laner Ibrahim “Fudge” Allami and assistant coaches Max Waldo and Veigar v2 during the 2021 season, both of which came to C9 based on his recommendations.

That said, LS is also seen as the polarizing figure in League, if only for strong opinions on how to approach gambling. These intriguing strategies may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But, LS and C9 now have the chance to put those ideas into action and see if the philosophy translates well into actual gameplay.

LS ‘ League of Legends philosophy

On the one hand, LS’s approach to the draft is based more on his experience in strategy games, thinking about the specific synergies and properties that a champion can bring, with each champion having certain traits like Magic The Gathering colors. This means that for LS the best choice is not the strongest or the meta-choice, but rather the one that fits the team’s strategy to counter what the opponent is building, like holding out against a hyper roster. -agressive. As such, fans can probably look forward to some non-meta picks next year.

Speaking of hyper-aggression, LS doesn’t really like early-game-focused compositions and much prefers late-game scaling. For LS, when scaling comps are executed correctly, they should (almost) always beat teams that rely heavily on early aggression. The reason is that the late game team just needs to defend themselves properly and can come back thanks to their inherent scaling. Meanwhile, the early game team feels the brunt of the pressure for something to happen, and if they fall behind, they must scramble to get back into the game.

Other aspects include laning and inventory. LS places a lot of emphasis on laning as a way to gain micro-advantages over the opponent and, on a macro scale, to control the tempo of the game. ‘a “free reminder” are part of it. On the item side, LS is looking at optimization – always choosing the best item mathematically possible to maximize damage dealt or other stats like healing – and making sure to hit those item power spikes.

C9’s vision for international exhibitions

Fans will be eagerly awaiting if the new roster can perform the One-T strats and how long they need to fit in well.

Cloud9 will also implement internal patterns. Several teams have tried this in the past with mixed success. But now C9 is “stacking” the academy roster with some very high level players. This would ideally not only help boost competitiveness, such as improving mechanics and synergy in team fights, but also ensure that strats remain in-house.

Finally, LS and C9 are committed to not only doing well in NA, but also making LPL and LCK bleed. It’s a tumultuous but exciting time to come for C9 fans, and if success isn’t there, at least it will be just plain entertaining.

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