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ROCKWALL, TX (October 15, 2021) County judge candidate John Beaman shared the following message in a press release today:

In Rockwall County, the county judge is essentially the chairman of the budget; in fact, Texas state law requires it until the county’s population reaches 225,000, at which time the auditor becomes the budget officer (Texas County Judge, 2021). Therefore, being the general manager of the budget, the county judge must have a very clear direction and vision of the county’s financial plan. As a candidate for Rockwall County Judge, below is an overview of my budget plan and my philosophy for the County Budget.

First and foremost, my budget philosophy can be simplified into a simple statement: if you paid $ 100 in property taxes last year, the goal is for you to pay $ 100 in property taxes plus inflation this year. . This is our goal. We can do this by estimating the mass of money from last year’s property taxes and setting the rate so that the dollar value of that mass, plus inflation, matches that of this year. Once this is set, you operate and use new property values ​​(like new construction) and other income, such as administrative and law enforcement income. We did it very well at Heath and called it the ‘matched rate’, a term coined by a few of the board members because of its uniqueness. It was and continues to be extremely effective and efficient; it keeps taxes as low as possible and provides funding for essential government tasks, such as law enforcement.

With the above philosophy as a starting point, we then budget with the dollars available. This creates consistency, provides a clear starting point for county government, and provides the clear goal of keeping taxes as low as possible in the county. This formula has worked very well for several years and I would like to bring it to Rockwall County.

In addition, I pledge to never vote to increase my own salary by 24% – this happened a few years ago and I will strive to put in place safeguards so that it never happens again. This could have been avoided by a simple public referendum (letting the voters decide at the ballot box) and while it did not happen, I will work to ensure that we implement appropriate protocols to prevent this from happening again. . If for some reason this type of increase is “legally required,” you see it in the financial forecast months and years in advance. Through planning and communication, you can ensure that the impact on the budget is net zero. Sadly that didn’t happen, but the good news is I know how to prevent it from happening again in the future.

Second, we need to further strengthen our support for law enforcement. Let me give a specific example: our assistant police officers are often called in to support our police and sheriff departments, but they use their own personal vehicles for official government work, which means their license plates private data are revealed when dealing with potential criminals. We have a budget of almost $ 40 million and we had a lot of money to increase the salaries of elected officials… we absolutely have the money to support our assistant constables and other law enforcement agencies. We need to improve that and make sure they have the resources they need to be successful.

Finally, I will never use county funds as seed money for a private business. This happened in August 2021 when the county “gave” well over $ 300,000 to the infusion center, but it’s not the worst … the worst part is that the owner of the business is the health authority. of the county, a position appointed by the county court. Not only was it unethical (and could have been avoided by putting it to an offer months earlier), it appeared to be illegal, so the county government attempted to cancel the money (Rockwall County , 2021). We didn’t have to abandon the process we use for tender projects, we just had to start it earlier. Unfortunately, this did not happen. This situation will not happen under my leadership, I can promise you that right now.

As my track record at Heath City Council shows, I have a strong track record of keeping taxes low and constant, lowering the tax rate and maintaining fiscal responsibility, all while operating in a community. in full growth. I appreciate people’s input and then put it into action. Our community wants our county government to be fiscally conservative, to be the example of good governance, and I know what needs to be done to reach that point. If this is the model you want the county government to use, if you want to see our financial resources used effectively and efficiently, I humbly ask for your vote and support in the spring 2022 primaries so that we can help. Rockwall County to realize its greatest potential. ! If you have any questions, please message us on our Facebook page or email us at [email protected]

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Heath City Council member John Beaman announces run for Rockwall County Judge 2022

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