Create pink clouds at the IF science festival in Oxford


CURIOUS minds from across town are invited to learn more about the world around them at a science festival comprising over 100 events, which begins today.

IF Oxford is celebrating its 30th anniversary this month with an exceptional program of events about the world, the universe and the people who explore it, with in-person and digital events and activities for adults, children and teens .

The science and ideas festival covers topics as diverse as the chemistry of a lemon meringue cake, how to make clouds – and color them, and explore humor in grief.

Guests are invited to dive into their bodies and minds and find out how diseases are diagnosed and treated, find out how scientists and engineers are solving the greatest challenges facing the world today, and question themselves. on questions of science, culture, medicine, philosophy. and democracy in times of pandemic.

Visitors of all ages can explore the county landscape through the eyes of Oxfordshire animals, travel to the Arctic with an 18th-century African-American explorer, or soar over the universe on an imaginative new Alice adventure in Wonderland, written by Oxford playwright JC Niala.

In the new adaptation, Alice discovers a curious science that festival visitors are also invited to explore, during a digital event involving researchers from around the world. She walks into space, travels among bats and dives deep under the sea.

Festival director Dane Comerford said: “It’s been a long time, and we’re so happy to be coming back to Oxford venues for dozens of real events, and also to take advantage of the season of the year. latest in cyberspace, to share the best of Oxford ideas with anyone, anywhere. The festival experiments with dance, comedy, film and music to extend science inside and outside the digital box.

“There is a huge range of topics, from uncovering hidden stories of marginalized communities – whether in human or animal societies – to questioning how technology is changing all of our futures, or just showing off. how a little chemistry can help you bake a great cake!

“We try to make the program really varied and have been developing projects over the past 12 months with scientists, public groups and artists, to bring science out of the lab and into curious hearts and minds. Oxford is known as a powerhouse of innovation, and IF Oxford is a great opportunity to meet hundreds of researchers each on an exciting journey of intrigue and discovery.

Oxford Mail: dance performance at the previous IF festival

Families can enjoy free interactive activities for all ages at Oxford Town Hall this weekend and Templar’s Square Shopping Center in Cowley from October 23-24. The Town Hall is also home to an Ocean Lab featuring a life-size inflatable killer whale and marine experts who will guide visitors through experiments highlighting the links between chemistry and the oceans. Budding researchers can also marvel at the bioluminescence of the deep sea, extract dinosaur breath from ocean rocks, and build a saltwater battery.

There’s even a chance to smell, hear, touch and even taste a cloud at a Cloud Factory event today, with a short interactive performance for families presented by award-winning science writer Sarah Bearchell who explores how to create, contain and even color a cloud.

“Is it possible to make a cloud the color of cotton candy?” ” she asks.



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