Crystal Crop launches “Saffire Crop Science” for technology-driven crop solutions

The launch of ‘Saffire Crop Science’

With over 34 years of experience in researching and developing crop solutions, Crystal Crop Protection Limited has now launched a new agrichemical retail business, Saffire Crop Science, which will leverage technology to offer products and services of global standards.

Saffire will usher in a technological revolution in crop solutions and services, enabling farmers to access them more efficiently. The new company will provide a wide range of agrochemical products and services, all of which will be made possible through innovative techniques and technologies, resulting in increased profitability for all players in the agricultural value chain.

Commenting on the launch, Managing Director of Crystal Crop Protection, Ankur Agarwal said: “A technological revolution has swept through businesses over the past two decades, making them more efficient and accessible. Technology-driven companies are more collaborative, inclusive and better equipped to channel the energies of stakeholders and ecosystems towards the creation of mega-brands. We see agriculture and animal husbandry as an area of ​​opportunity that has yet to realize its potential. The group created a new entity, Saffire, to create growth opportunities for all stakeholders. Saffire will be supported by technology, enabled by partners and powered by the Crystal Group.

Saffire currently has a portfolio of over 50 products, including insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, plant growth regulators and biostimulants. Through collaboration among all stakeholders, transparency throughout the chain and its entrepreneurial spirit, Saffire will deliver truly global products and services.

CEO, Saffire Crop Science, Anil Nirwal said, “Saffire’s goal is to constantly innovate and collaborate to provide the agricultural community with superior products and services. Our goal is to leverage technology to generate growth opportunities for all stakeholders and to provide sustainable and profitable solutions. With our core values ​​of “Progressiveness, Entrepreneurship, Collaboration and Transparency”, we aim to support the farmers of our country”.

Saffire’s new logo represents its philosophy and the desire to constantly progress to the next level. The logo is made up of a collection of leaves rising upwards. Farmers, customers, the Saffire team and all stakeholders are represented by four leaves in the logo, all working together to achieve a greater goal. The colors also represent an upward journey from a mature stage of growth to a much more dynamic stage of growth.