DailyCoin Crypto Memes of the Week # 10 – A Journey Into the Philosophy of Absurdism by DailyCoin

DailyCoin Crypto Memes of the Week # 10 – A Journey Into the Philosophy of Absurdism

Life is absurd and we are all Sisyphi here.

The main question of absurd philosophy lies in the disagreement between the human inner effort to find an intrinsically precious meaning in life and the absurdity of the world in which we live. The question is eternal but insoluble and even insoluble to some extent. It’s an oxymoron because the human brain is programmed to process the identification of meaning; the connection between a word as a linguistic unit and its meaning is a fundamental trait of human nature.

On the other hand, a word is just the tip of the iceberg. For example, the word “blockchain” has completely different semantic meanings for a developer, a crypto hodler, NFT artists, or an absurd:

The myth of Crypto Sisyphus

One of the most famous absurd books became Albert Camus’ paper with the eponymous name of the famous Greek myth. The main dilemma of the story permeates throughout the philosopher’s narration. Sisyphus’s task of pushing a rock up a mountain over and over again seems meaningless, but the conclusion of the essay is

“The struggle itself … is enough to fill a man’s heart. You have to imagine Sisyphus happy.” The representation of such infinite power work can be seen in many modern jobs. Even if someone thinks crypto can save them from a boring office job, just look in the mirror:

Three ways to solve the absurd dilemma

The absurd community has found three possible ways to resist the absurd dilemma. The first is to escape existence, which was ignored by Camus because it does not solve the problem. The second path is spiritual: belief in a transcendent idea.

The third solution is to accept the absurd. This is the path for those who want to reach the highest level of freedom. However, it is not that easy. Camus firmly believed that this path included both rebellion against the absurd and the acceptance of its unstoppable power.

It literally means that we, the people, have to accept human nature while being opposed to it. It sounds like one more oxymoron. On the other hand, is it not the same when a person buys high and sells low knowing that it must be the other way around?

Absurdism derives in part from nihilism

Nihilism is one more strain in existentialist philosophy. A nihilist tends to reject some of the fundamental aspects of human life, such as values, morality, or objective truth.

Values ​​don’t make sense? An NFT of Invisible Rock # 91 costs 888,888 ETH! Maybe most of the NFT holders are nihilists. How to explain this dissonance between objects and values? It is nothing more than the irony of life.

Today’s most popular nihilist character is Rick Sanchez from the Rick and Morty Netflix series (NASDAQ :). To be more precise, he is a representative of cosmic nihilism, a branch of philosophical study. Rick does not believe in any foundation for human purpose, which is represented in his actions and his language.

We warned you about the language!

Existentialism is the source of absurdism

Unlike nihilism, the basic idea of ​​existentialism is that existence precedes essence. It literally means that things are born meaningless and only then do they get the goal. In addition, the essence of things is highly subjective.

It is the Rubicon, beyond which things can acquire opposite meanings. Take a look at the animal parts. Aren’t their meanings the opposite of what crypto is meant to be? Crypto is about technology and decentralization – coins are all about hype and quick profits. It’s a twist in values.


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