David Druey: Acquisition-focused Centennial Bank leader for the region

Written by Gabriela Henriquez Stoikow on May 24, 2022


David Druey: Acquisition-focused Centennial Bank leader for the region

David A. Druey began his career at Centennial Bank in 1998 when it was founded and came to South Florida about seven years ago after starting his career in Arkansas. Now, as regional president, he oversees the bank’s Florida locations while managing margins, costs and efficiency.

He first came to the region after the company purchased several failing banks and helped them understand how Centennial Bank does business for success. “I came in with the mindset that I would do like I did in Arkansas, which is to meet people and tell people what we’re doing, explain our process to them, explain that I really wanted to have a relationship with them, understand their business, and then I would give them a quick note,” Mr. Druey said.

His philosophy since his early days in banking has been: “I can say ‘no’ to you faster than anyone else, but if I say ‘yes’ to you, at least I know I can actually achieve this project. »

Mr. Druey says he’s not afraid to refer clients to other banks that do things differently from the Centennial method.

“In South Florida, there’s a lot more connectivity between people if you’re willing to go out and meet people and talk to people and understand what their business is,” he said. he declares. “They love talking about themselves, talking about doing business, they love people wanting to know more about their business, and they’re much more willing to introduce you than pretty much anywhere else I’ve worked.”

Mr. Druey has a strong desire to meet people, understand what they do and help them achieve their business goals. “I think if you’re a banker and you have people who trust you and believe in you – and you believe in them and their business, that’s the epitome of mutual support in a relationship,” he said. -he declares.

Dr Druey spoke with Miami Today reporter Gabriela Henriquez Stoikow.

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