Dominica’s opposition has no leader, no politics, no philosophy to challenge

The Dominican opposition has no leader, no politics, no philosophy to participate in early general elections

Roseau, Dominica: Following Prime Minister Dr. Roosevelt Skerrit’s announcement that Dominica will go to the polls on December 6, 2022, the opposition, United Workers Party, has decided not to contest the snap general election.

The opposition party also asked President Charles Savarin “to revoke the Prime Minister’s call for elections”. Prime Minister Dr. Roosevelt Skerrit announced the election date three years after leading the ruling Dominica Labor Party (DLP) to a convincing 18-3 victory in the 2019 general election.

While explaining the reasons for not holding general elections, Nicholas George, UWP General Secretary, called it an outrage for all Dominicans and an affront to democracy. However, the reason does not coincide with the analysis provided by various political scientists.

The call for a boycott of the general elections by the UWP was made to protect its image rather than to protect the rights of the people of Dominica. Reasons such as insulting people are such lame excuses made by the party to hide their ongoing personal conflicts within the party.

It is evident that the party is struggling to resolve its internal conflicts, which has created an unstable scenario within the UWP. Party members don’t like each other. They have not yet decided on the face of the United Workers Party, and according to speculation, the members are fighting against each other for the position.

According to the sources, the Dominicans have shown no confidence in the party because they doubt that the party is not even capable of solving their internal problems; so how could they even think of finding solutions to ordinary people’s problems?

On the other hand, the Dominica Labor Party has a strong leader named Dr. Roosevelt Skerrit, who has always worked for the welfare of the country. According to people, Prime Minister Skerrit never thinks about his position as he is always busy serving people.

During the announcement of the candidates for the general election, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit also mentioned that their decision not to stand for election had nothing to do with the incomplete report of the single commissioner appointed to advise on a review of the system. election in Dominica. Their decision not to contest is a consequence of their inability to come together as a single organization and support a single individual as a leader.

In addition, political scholars pointed out that elections are always held with a program, policy and ideas for the development of the country and the state. But the United Workers Party is lacking on the ground because it has no program or policy on the basis of which it could prepare the future of the country.

Dominica has faced various ups and downs for many reasons, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change – hurricanes and tropical storms, but with the efforts of the government led by Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, it did not stop and paved the way for development.

Under the administration of Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, ordinary people were given a roof over their heads. The development of the nation is considered with three basic necessities, food, clothing and house. The administrations led by Skerrit fulfilled more than these three basic necessities. He delivered free homes to people who lost theirs in Hurricane Maria.

Various projects, such as the construction of a geothermal power plant and climate-resilient infrastructure (roads, bridges, health center, schools, houses and many more), have been initiated by the Labor Party government of Dominica .

Dominica has stood out as one of the best examples in front of the world in the fight against the global problem called climate change. Where individual developed countries have failed to manage climate change, the Small Island Developing State has offered the best framework to mitigate climate impacts.

The whole scenario shows that the UWP has no agenda or framework to decide the future of the country. According to analysts, the party has no idea of ​​the country’s development policies. They have nothing to settle.

Prime Minister Skerrit also said: “If I were in a party that had no leader, no politics, no philosophy, no friends – local or foreign – and no active presence in the villages or constituencies in Dominica, I too would advise my party to avoid a sixth political beating at the ballot box, by eliminating these elections.”

Dominica has proliferated with advancements and new techniques and is now attracting worldwide attention for its definite path to development.