Ernest Chemists supports SOGOG to perform free surgeries in the Haut-Est region

Ernest Chemists Limited, Ghana’s largest pharmaceutical company, once again supported the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Ghana (SOGOG) to roll out a three-day specialist surgery at the Bawku Presby and Bolgatanga regional hospitals in the Upper East Ghana region.

The Surgical Outreach, which took place Nov. 18-21, was part of the company’s annual outreach service and also aligns with Ernest Chemists’ corporate social responsibility (CSR) philosophy of improving the delivery of patient care. health through quality medicine and to further support the achievement of SDG 3 – Good health and well-being.

Each year, the Company expands its voluntary gynecological surgery services to underprivileged and / or hard-to-reach regions of the country where women with complex gynecological disorders encounter various financial and geographic barriers to accessing necessary specialist care.

The former beneficiaries were Nkwanta South Municipal in the Oti region and Yeji in the Bono East region.

Ernest Chemists Limited donated medicines that were used during surgeries and those to aid in the recovery of patients.

Ernest Chemists further supported SOGOG with a small cash donation to facilitate travel and stay in the Upper East region during the awareness period.

In total, over the three-day period, the team performed 17 major gynecologic surgeries at the two hospitals, with Bawku Presby Hospital benefiting from 14 of these surgeries.

Ernest Chemists supports SOGOG to perform free surgeries in the Haut-Est region

The surgeries included: removal of the uterus due to cancers of the ovary and cancers of the uterus itself; removal of the uterus due to fibroids; and fibroid removal and uterine repair for women with fertility desires.

One of the recipient patient’s vaginas had remained closed with a prolonged period build-up in the uterus, making her appear like a seven month pregnant woman. As a result, she suffered from constant abdominal pain.

She underwent successful surgery to reopen the vagina and drain the accumulated menstrual flow. Other women whose uterus comes out of the vagina (pelvic organ prolapse) have also had surgery with the uterus returned to its normal position or removed and the vagina repaired.

The final category of patients were those who leaked urine from an obstetric fistula, and their fistula was also repaired by the team.

Ernest Chemists supports SOGOG to perform free surgeries in the Haut-Est region

Dr Promise Sefogah, Secretary General of SOGOG who coordinated the outreach organization, said thousands of women and children across the country are in urgent need of specialized medical / surgical care, but are not there. unfortunately do not have access.

He hoped that other well-meaning entities and organizations would emulate the example of the “SOGOG-Ernest Chemists” initiative to help improve the health and well-being of these vulnerable populations in disadvantaged areas.

SOGOG President Dr Ali Samba, who led the team, thanked Ernest Chemists Limited for donating drugs and money to support the Society’s initiative.

Ernest Chemists supports SOGOG to perform free surgeries in the Haut-Est region

He also noted with gratitude how Ernest Chemists had supported SOGOG in past outreach services.

“It should be possible in the future to support several health facilities in a region simultaneously if we have more financial support,” he added.

Dr Ali Samba also praised the Bawku Presby Hospital management team led by Dr Bernard Kwaku Okai, for organizing the SOGOG outreach, ensuring a smooth workflow and their willingness to work long hours to ensure that all patients receive their goods. -need for surgical care.

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