Everything we know about the Enkanomiya region leak

Genshin Impact has completed the third act of its main storyline, and now the Traveler is ready to continue his adventure in Teyvat. Still, that doesn’t mean developer MiHoYo has no more content planned for Japan-themed Inazuma, as there might be at least one more location for players to explore based on the most recent leaks. It will be another area near the islands called Enkanomiya, and could possibly debut in the next one. Genshin Impact 2.4 patch.


Drawing inspiration from medieval Japan, Inazuma is a region mainly defined by its oceans and mountain ranges. Until now, players have had to find ways to move between islands to get to each new location; Narukami, Kannazuka, Seirai, Yashiori, Watatsumi and Tsurumi islands. The new location, Enkanomiya, appears to be west of Watatsumi, well beyond the rebel base and Sangonomiya Shrine. Other leaks suggest it could be a new, separate map layer like the Golden Apple Archipelago, meaning it might only be accessible for a limited time. Regardless, some screenshots suggest that it could be located underwater but have realm-like architecture, as if there had been an ancient engulfed civilization there.

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Full details known about the Enkanomiya region leak from Genshin Impact

Official art for Genshin Impact Yun Jin character

Each new region introduced in Inazuma has a unique personality and questline, and it looks like Enkanomiya will be no exception. The main difference is that the screenshots and the leaks seem to suggest it will be a more vertical map, with towering heights allowing for a lot of climbing and sliding. This is probably the reason why Enakanomiya’s waypoints are grouped together so closely on maps, indicating a design philosophy similar to areas like Dragonspine.

An interesting detail is that patch 2.4 will also introduce two new characters, Shenhe and Yun Jin, but they are from Liyue and not from Inazuma. This suggests that MiHoYo probably isn’t rolling out all of the content in the same patch. Leaks also suggest that Enkanomiya will feature new types of monsters to fight, a new world boss similar to the cubes or challenges of the Wolf of the North, and a new set of quests – each featuring different rewards such as upgrade materials. , experience items and primogems. Additionally, there will be 21 confirmed teleportation waypoints that Genshin Impact players can activate 105 free primogems, but it’s likely to be a long way to the top.

The entire Inazuma region has provided players with some of the most exciting content in Genshin Impact, and Enkanomiya will apparently add a bit more variety. While some upcoming content, characters, and costumes soon seem to hint at a return to Liyue to visit old friends, there might still be some mysteries in Inazuma. The Thunder Region quickly became a fan favorite with its dark, brooding tones, and most players would love to spend more time among shrines, ghosts, and warriors.

While the promise of new adventures is alluring, other players might be disappointed that MiHoYo doesn’t move on to the next region right away. There are rumors that the next place the traveler will go is Sumeru, the country where they will first come into contact with the characters of the Dendro element. This will hopefully bring new options for builds, party composition, and reactions with massive damage counts. The world of Teyvat has seven major nations, of which Traveler and Paimon have only seen three so far. There has been no confirmation on the time frame before a new Archon and a new country are introduced and the main story continues.

Genshin Impact is now available on Mobile, PC, PS4 and PS5. A Switch version is also in development.

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