For the peoples of our region, the failure of Biden’s Summit of the Americas would be a welcome event

The Summit of the Americas is not the property of the host country. The United States does not have the right to exclude Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela, but it did so in defiance of their sovereignty. The United States is not fit to judge others or to be responsible for bringing nations together. Every leader in the hemisphere should boycott what has become a farce.

I applaud Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s decision not to attend this week’s so-called Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles and hope that by Wednesday the majority of nations in our region will have joined him. However, I hope that unlike President Lopez Obrador who always sends the Mexican Foreign Minister, other nations will demonstrate that their dignity cannot be coerced and completely left out. Why am I taking this position?

If the Biden administration’s threat as host of the Summit not to invite Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela, all sovereign nations in the Americas region, weren’t outrageous enough, the announced rationale that the The administration did not invite these nations because of their record of rights and authoritarian governance is an absurd indignity that cannot be ignored.

I firmly believe that the United States should not be allowed to subvert, degrade, and humiliate the nations and peoples of our region with impunity! A line must be drawn between the nations and peoples who represent democracy and life and the parasitic hegemony of the North which can only offer dependency and death. The United States has made its choice which is reflected in its public documents. “Full-spectrum dominance” is its stated goal. In other words, to wage war on the peoples of our regions and, indeed, on the world to maintain global hegemony. She chose war, you have to choose resistance – on that, there can be no compromise!

The peoples of our region understand this. It is historically imperative that the representatives of the states in our region accept this and engage in resistance and solidarity with the states that are under the most intense pressure of empire. Rhetorical commitment to Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela is not enough. The people want actions that go beyond mere denunciations of imperialism. The people are ready to fight.

And part of this fight includes the ideological war of position. We cannot allow the United States to obscure its murderous history by dressing that history in pretty human rights language.

The idea that the United States, or any Western nation for that matter, involved in the ongoing imperialist project, can seriously consider itself a protector of human rights is bizarre and dangerous, and must be countered. . The fact that the United States is still trying to push this fiction forward reflects either the height of arrogance, or a society and administration caught in the grip of a collective national psychosis. I’m sure it’s both, but more on that later.

A cognitive break with objective reality, the inability to relate to other human beings individually and collectively in the material world are all symptoms of severe mental disorders. Yet it seems to be the condition that structures the psychic makeup of all the leaders of the United States and the collective West.

This is what I called the psychopathology of white supremacy:

A racialized narcissistic cognitive disorder that centers so-called white and European civilization and renders the afflicted unable to perceive objective reality in the same way as others. This evil is not reducible to the so-called white race but can affect all those who have come into contact with the ideological and cultural mechanisms of the pan-European colonial project.

How else can you explain the self-perceptions of the United States and the West, responsible for the most horrific crimes against humanity in the annals of human history of genocide, slavery, world wars , European, African and Indigenous holocausts, wars and subversion since 1945 that have resulted in the loss of over 30 million lives – but then assert their innocence, moral superiority and right to define the content and scope human rights ?

Aileen Teague of the Quincy Institute points out that the United States’ position on the disinvitation of nations to the Summit of the Americas because of their alleged “authoritarian governance” is “hypocritical” and “incoherent”, noting the historic support of the United States to Latin American dictators when it is convenient for American politics.

But is it really hypothetical or incoherent? I do not think so. American policymakers operate from an ethical and philosophical framework that informed Western colonial practice in which racialized humanity divided among those who were placed in the category of “humans” that was constitutive of the category historically. enlarged “whites” in relation to everyone else who was “not white”, and therefore not fully human.

The “others” during the colonial conquest literally had no rights that Europeans were required to recognize and respect, from land rights to their very lives. Therefore, for European colonialists, they do not perceive any ethical contradiction in their treatment of “others” and do not judge themselves as deviating from their principles and values. This is what so many non-Europeans do not understand. When Europeans speak of their “traditional values”, it must be understood that these values ​​mean that we, the colonized and exploited non-Europeans, are not recognized in our full humanity.

Is there another way of explaining the impressive solidarity of “white peoples” towards Ukraine as opposed to the tragedies of Yemen, the six million deaths in the Congo, in Iraq… the list is long.

This is why it was so right for the Black Peace Alliance (BAP) to call for a boycott of the Summit of the Americas by all states in our region. BAP argued that the United States had no moral or political position to host this gathering because it has consistently demonstrated that it does not respect the principles of self-determination and national sovereignty in the region. But more importantly, he did not respect the lives of the people of this region.

A boycott is only the minimum to do. However, we understand it will be difficult because we know the vindictiveness of gringo hegemony and the lengths he will go to assert his vicious dominance. In the arrogance typical of the white supremacist colonial mindset, the Biden White House says the “summit will be a success no matter who attends.”

Yet if Biden is sitting there alone, no form of defining will or power will avoid the obvious conclusion that the world has changed, and with that change, the balance of power is shifting away from the United States.

And people say: let it be done!