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The exam continues successfully “Anima Mundi”, dedicated to the spirits of cinema and the spirits of the universe. On Thursday, December 16, the universe will discuss during the Alessio Marini conference: A Living World – the search for life between science and science fiction. The meeting is scheduled for 9.15 p.m. in the Ospitale showroom, Associação Casa delle, in the upper town of Grottamare.

Alessio marini, professor of philosophy, is responsible forCole Lyon Astronomical Observatory (OACL). At night, it will lead the audience in search of life in the universe, drawing on scientific, literary and cinematographic contributions.

What is the probability that life forms exist in the universe? – He asks Marinette to study in advance. – One, at least one, ours. It’s the starting point. Our life had an origin, an eventful development. And today, as never before, this life realizes its intimate and inevitable relationship with the history of matter, which is the essence of the entire universe. We have given an answer to the philosophical question “where do we come from”: we are dead stardust. To the question “Where are we going” we answer: towards life itself. Someone who is hiding in a corner of our galaxy is trying to communicate or not wanting to communicate. This life is socially open to exploitation or to biological life in others. Science describes how it is up to man to provide a description of the cause. “

Entry into the room is only allowed with a green corridor and a mask that must be worn during the stay.

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