Groupe Aksal launches the most interactive platform in the region

It is now confirmed that Aksal Group will launch in the coming weeks, one of the region’s most interactive e-commerce marketplaces to meet the region’s growing need for an all-inclusive platform with a package of services including retail, health, lifestyle, cooking and many more.

Group Aksal, a Morocco-based conglomerate, led by one of the region’s most admired entrepreneurial minds, Ms. Salwa Akhannouch, is also one of the largest retail groups in the Arab world, with more than 30 commercial subsidiaries, 45 brands, a foundation and an academy, in addition to a number of shopping centers and more than 34,000 square meters of retail space under its umbrella, is now planning to extend its dominance to the digital space by launching the ‘one of the most anticipated platforms in the region, which our sources have now confirmed to be called “Wa-Sal”.

WA-SAL aims to function as a global e-commerce marketplace that aims to deliver a revolutionary shopping and lifestyle experience, powered by innovative human service and serving as a UNIQUE destination for lifestyle inspirations and shopping, through storytelling and content with an editorial arm.

Sources confirm that Wa-Sal will include a unique assortment of brands, from emerging designers to well-known names in different fields, covering no less than 17 categories which will include Luxury & Designers, Beauty & Aesthetics, Fitness & Wellness, Home & Decoration, Food & Gourmet, Mother Care & Childcare, Men, Children, Teenagers, Media and Tech, Moroccan chic, Local and handmade, which makes it an experience like no other.

The people behind the platform have said that their main goal will be to offer an exceptional and tailor-made shopping and living experience, coupled with high-end and personalized services, all in a customer-centric philosophy. , powered by innovative technology and driven by artificial intelligence.

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