Growing Opportunities for the HudsonAlpha Center for Plant Science & Sustainable Agriculture – The Madison Record

Build the perfect greenhouse

The development of the greenhouse was inspired by the rapid growth of HudsonAlpha’s agricultural genomics program. The team quickly maximized the space in their indoor grow rooms and set themselves a bigger goal: a full greenhouse.

The design and construction of the dream greenhouse was carried out by greenhouse designer Albert J. Lauer, Inc. and construction company Brasfield and Gorrie. It is one of the few of its kind in the country and is unique to HudsonAlpha because it was built for the researchers who will use it, their contributions and requests influencing the design. “The features here are unique because we’ve had the freedom to make design decisions based on our research needs,” said Kankshita Swaminathan, PhD, HudsonAlpha faculty researcher. “We have everything we could need in the new space. We asked many contributors to share the lessons they learned from their greenhouses, and they walked us through the customization and problem-solving process. »

The team is excited about the proximity to the greenhouse and the freedom it will offer them. “With this greenhouse, the idea is any plant, any experiment, any time,” said Alex Harkess, PhD, HudsonAlpha faculty researcher. “The proximity to the greenhouse means that if we want to have a spontaneous experience, we can.”

The Plant Center team has started filling the rooms with their plants, with room to grow up to 500 in each unit. Peanuts, sunflowers, grasses, dahlias and members of the papaya family grow happily in their own rooms with custom climates and light schedules.