Hennie’s Trekkers hold the Massey Ferguson flag high in the Malmesbury area

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The Massey Ferguson range of tractors, from low horsepower to high horsepower, and from vintage models to the latest technology, are rugged workhorses that carry on the long and distinctive tradition of design and manufacture that combines rugged reliability and outstanding performance with ease of use. That’s according to Oom Hennie of Hennie’s Trekkers, who have built a reputation as a top MF dealer in the Malmesbury area of ​​the Western Cape.

“My favorite range of tractors is the MF 2600 series, which is of exceptional quality. Its contemporary design with heritage aspects offers comfort and quality services. I can already see from my customers who own these tractors that they both exceed their expectations and are considered a great investment. Then, of course, we have to be able to offer better service than our customers are used to. This is important because it will influence their next purchase decision and establish a strong relationship of trust and transparency,” says Oom Hennie.

Born and raised in Tulbagh, Oom Hennie found himself in the aviation industry in Bloemfontein. Looking for a new challenge after eight years, he qualified as an auto mechanic and then entered the earthmoving sector servicing heavy equipment such as tractors, excavators and dump trucks.

In 1989, Oom Hennie came across an opportunity at Fedco, the former name of Massey Ferguson in South Africa, where he had been employed since 1990. Massey Ferguson,” says Oom Hennie, who recalls meeting the MF brand for the first time as a child on his parents’ farm.

Oom Hennie eventually established his own business in 1999 and took over the MF dealership entirely in 2006. Since then the business has grown steadily, attracting a new range of customers from all over with different mechanization requirements. “If you want to communicate with your customers and farmers, you need to at least know what’s going on in the agriculture industry and be aware of trends and best practices,” says Oom Hennie.

He knows both farming and the MF range of tractors and implements he supplies. Oom Hennie is equally generous in passing on its know-how and experience to its customers and helping them make the right purchase choice when investing in new equipment.

The secret to Hennie’s Trekkers success has been their focus on providing exceptional customer service. Its access to the AGCO warehouse also means that waiting times are reduced, resulting in even faster service. “To me, that’s what counts: satisfied and loyal customers who then pass on the excellent service they received. It is the best form of marketing.

One thing to note is that Oom Hennie will not deliver a piece of equipment until it has been triple checked for PDI (pre-delivery inspection) and tested. Therefore, as soon as a piece of equipment arrives, it can be put into service immediately. For example, when a new baler is delivered to a farm, it has been properly prepared so that the very first bale made is perfect.

Oom Hennie’s name is synonymous with the business he has developed over the years, carefully building his name in both the local community and the wider agricultural industry. “It is thanks to my philosophy of never refusing a customer that I also have customers from afar who are just as loyal. We offer the same level of attention and service excellence to everyone. We are flexible, striving to be as cost effective as possible to meet our customers’ requirements. In the end, it all comes down to customers, who are willing to spend their hard-earned cash with you. »

Hennie’s Trekkers has three trained technicians and three bakkies to provide maintenance in the field. Additionally, the fully equipped workshop has dedicated assistants who work under full supervision. The workshop focuses on general repairs and maintenance up to complete rebuilds, including gearboxes and engines. “We are almost a family business, as everyone who works here has a vested interest and responsibility in the growth of the business,” says Oom Hennie. All technicians are trained in the latest technologies by AGCO Africa itself.

This year, Massey Ferguson, a global brand of AGCO (NYSE: AGCO), is thrilled to announce a new look for its iconic Triple Triangle logo and new ‘Born to Farm’ brand identity to celebrate its 175th anniversary. MF has been providing farmers around the world with simple and reliable machines since its inception. Few global brands can claim such a lasting impact in the agricultural industry.

To support the farming community, Massey Ferguson has an extensive network of over 35 dealerships covering the whole of South Africa, providing parts, after-sales service and new sales.