How Pain’s Cycle of Hatred philosophy bodes well in real life

The Cycle of the Philosophy of Hate naruto the villainous Pain has been extensively discussed and scrutinized for years since the character’s inception. Given that naruto ended, the discussion revived with the rise of the Code in Boruto and other villains like Madara and Obito.

Since Nagato/Pain wasn’t a villain to begin with, but came from tragic circumstances and was eventually forced into this behavior, this article will try to examine the philosophy itself and then judge. It is always worth studying at least some of the thoughts of those who commit major crimes to see what their thought process is so that the problem can be solved.

To note: This article will discuss fiction, real-world violence, and discussions of political events. It will also contain spoilers from Naruto Shippuden, and Boruto. The article reflects the views of the author only.

The philosophy of pain naruto and how it translates to real life

The philosophy of pain

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naruto has a lot of villains, heroes, and other people who come from tragic backgrounds. From war orphans and slaves to abused children and scientific experiments, the world is pretty cold to many people as a massive failure of previous generations. In many cases, yes, those previous generations bear a lot of the blame.

Comes Pain’s philosophy, which is that war is the natural state of mankind and that it was his responsibility to save the world from itself, inflicting pain of such magnitude that no harm can would never come back. This ties into its Cycle of Hatred tangent that justice and revenge are two sides of the same coin and that the only way to truly achieve peace is through fear and mass death.

The con of Naruto Uzumaki is that peace through fear or revenge wouldn’t work. While there was some merit in this, the future Seventh Hogake worked to eliminate the cycle of revenge by achieving peace through friendship and bonding. Naruto succeeds like Hokage though Boruto is an indication, because even if this world is not perfect, it is better than the world in which Pain grew up.

The general theme of the series is: peace is not possible through fear, pure order or mass death, which only leads to oppression and stagnation and is hardly infallible to long term. It is an ouroboros intended only to repeat the cycle of death and destruction after the removal of oppression without a long-term plan to dissipate the underlying tensions.

Real world

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There was already a massive conflict holding the world hostage on several occasions: the two world wars and the cold war. These conflicts have resulted in nothing but pain, death and hardship. Many nations are still grappling with the fallout of the Cold War, with brutal dictatorships that fuel certain interests being portrayed as good things and creeping destruction.

Even though we talk about Pain’s ultimate solution compared to Naruto’s, Pain fails even more. Although in the grip of a pandemic, wealthier nations hoarded medicine during the COVID-19 crisis and spread misinformation, borders were closed to refugees even before the pandemic, and extremism could fester in various parts of the world, leading to further catastrophe.

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Mutual aid is indeed one of the solutions to this. Simply holding a massive gun to everyone’s head won’t solve many of the problems plaguing the world, or cause as much pain as possible.

The idea that all it takes to save the world is for one person to rule everything? Empires have tried this and fallen. Mass death? It has been done before and has only resulted in pain and misery for everyone involved. Oppression still exists in many forms across nations, and simply burning it all down won’t solve anything.

The point put very simply is this: those who plead for more war and violence and for humanity to be better oppressed. The violent radicals of people like Pain in naruto have always been the instigators of violence and hatred. They are incompatible with peace and must be rejected at all times.

Humanity does not exist to oppress or hate and kill each other; it is a response to extreme trauma. What is needed is mutual aid, trust and healing with human rights, and making sure the future is better than it is now with the wealthiest helping poor people.

Q. Peace through love or fear?

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