Iranian Mustafa Prize winner holds science workshop in Tehran

The event took place on Thursday as part of the Mustafa Prize Scientific Café programs.

Karmran Vafa is Professor of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy at Harvard University, String Theorist and winner of the 2021 Mustafa Prize in the “All Fields of Science and Technology” section.

Another speaker at the event was Hessamedin Arfaei, a string theory physicist and professor of physics at Sharif University of Technology who translated Vafa’s book “Puzzles to Unravel the Universe” into Persian.

The event brought together students and enthusiasts from different universities.

“String theory was discovered accidentally,” said Prof Vafa, adding that “this theory seeks to define the physics of the smallest particles at the largest scales – the scale of the universe.”

Vafa is one of five Muslim scientists to win the 2021 Mustafa Prize, a biennial award launched in 2013 with the aim of promoting science and technology in the Islamic world.

The Mustafa Prize is awarded in four categories: information and communication sciences and technologies, life sciences and technologies and medicine, nanosciences and nanotechnologies, and all fields of science and technology.

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