Isn’t it contrary to the federal philosophy to seize power

“The DMK, which wants to give more powers to the state, should assess whether it is permissible to usurp the powers of the directors of the cooperative and limit the duration of their mandate”, said the coordinator of the AIADMK , O. Panneerselvam. In this regard, he issued the following statement: Grandfather Anna’s slogan ‘State Self-Reliance’, which he coined to ‘give more power to the states of Tamil Nadu’, was later changed to ‘ Federalism in the Middle East, State autonomy,” which is now endorsed by all regional parties in India.

This means that state governments will only be able to fulfill their responsibilities if democratically elected governments grant them additional powers. local governments and cooperative societies under state governments should also follow this concept. It is a good example of true federalism and democracy. The current DMK regime, on the other hand, is the opposite. DMK also plays a dual role here. Members of cooperative societies in Tamil Nadu democratically choose their directors and officers.

They have a term of five years. The DMK government has introduced the Cooperative Societies (Second Amendment) Bill 2022 in the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly to shorten their tenure. Isn’t reducing the term of office from five to three years contrary to federal philosophy? Isn’t that a form of tyranny?