Lagos school wins science competition

Platform College, Ipaja has won the Science Olympiad 2022 tournament in the Junior Secondary School category of Lagos State.

The final competition was held at Anchor University, Ayobo, Lagos, and featured three categories, Primary Category; the junior secondary school category; and the high school category. It was called “Leaders for a Sustainable Future”.

The Principal of Platform Schools, Mr. Bola Obe, explained that the purpose of the competition was to develop competent students in science education, adding that one of the factors that helped the students win the competition was parental support.

Obe explained that the school’s philosophy was to be the best in science and math education.

”Basically, we want to meet international standards. That’s why we mixed the British and Nigerian programs. One of the things we do every term is bring in consultants to train our teachers. We also have different clubs; science clubs, literary clubs, music clubs and JET clubs. In addition to what they learn in class, through the clubs, we train them and introduce them to advanced areas that interest them. We introduce them to international issues in their areas of interest. We show them complex science experiments; like how to build simple machines, like a blender, an iron, and the general process of building tools. When they belong to one of these clubs, it helps them to be ahead of others.

A Platform School consultant, Mr. Olusegun Akinsanya, said, “One of the factors that helped them succeed or excel at this stage of the competition is parental support. The school principal sponsored the project which is quite expensive in the hundreds of thousands. He wants the school to be ahead in science, technology, engineering and math education, he is not profit driven, but he wants the school to be known for its excellent performance in science education.