Letter: Lax Gun Laws Barely Fulfill Life Supporting Philosophy | Letters to the Editor

Regarding John R. Stanard’s column “The NRA has helped distort public debate and blocked reasonable action” (July 29): Missouri continues to promote its anti-abortion and pro-Second Amendment credentials. Missouri eliminated all requirements for owning firearms once an individual turns 18. No training, no background checks, just buy a gun and the person is ready to use the gun for any purpose.

Once upon a time, the National Rifle Association was an organization that supported gun safety for hunting and recreational purposes. This is no longer the case. Now it’s a political entity that wants everyone to have guns to protect themselves. The organization believes that our entire state is so dangerous that every adult Missourian should be armed with a deadly weapon.

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This allows people who consider themselves threatened to own a firearm. This includes circumstances ranging from a bar fight or domestic violence to the discovery of an unarmed teenager breaking into a gun owner’s home. They can all be taken down. These lives must have a different definition than the “pro-life” people use. Current laws do not define exactly how much a person must be threatened to take their life.

The National Rifle Association and its supporters have used the Second Amendment to give every citizen the right to deal with an arsenal of deadly weapons, including assault weapons, that could be used to overturn an election when people don’t like not the result. Today’s gun advocates can hardly claim to be “pro-life” or pro-democracy.