Life Events, Not Bad Choices, Can Contribute To Financial Hardship | on your debt

Most feel less stressed and are happier when they are financially stable. If that stability is shattered, problems that started small could become insurmountable sooner than expected. As a result, you may have found yourself in a difficult financial situation that you thought would last temporarily but now you don’t know if you will recover from it.

For many, excessive spending, high credit card balances, buying luxury cars, and other personal decisions result in debt that is overwhelming and unsustainable. And for others, events beyond their control, natural disasters or catastrophes can put them in financial jeopardy very quickly.

Unfortunately, even if you plan ahead for possible emergencies, your best efforts may not recover the resulting costs. For example, if you are confronted with a serious illness, you may face numerous hospital bills and other medical expenses. You could also be faced with some kind of natural disaster that will cause serious damage to your home that will result in costly home repairs. The unexpected death of a partner or spouse and loss of their contributing income. Inflation and rising interest rates take away your ability to live below your means. In some cases, even savings and insurance coverage are not enough.

What can you do about your financial problems?

At first you may feel hopeless when it comes to coping with the financial difficulties you are now facing. Fortunately, you don’t have to live with these difficulties. As you seek debt relief, you may want information about your bankruptcy options. Obtaining this information from the experienced bankruptcy attorneys at Bond & Botes law firm may be the best option and will give you valuable insight into how this avenue could help your specific situation.

Bond & Botes helps people struggling with debt

We are local and offer a free confidential personal consultation with an experienced lawyer. We also offer free consultations from the comfort and security of your home or office via phone and/or video if you wish. Let us solve your financial problems. There is no commitment, and that means no downside in gathering the information you need to make good decisions about how to break the cycle of debt stress and move forward. We can answer all of your questions regarding Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 13 bankruptcy, ending a foreclosure or wage garnishment, avoiding liens, terminating lawsuits, settling medical debt, personal loans, payday loans, credit card debt, etc. We can relieve your stress! We want to help and we can help you!

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