Mental Health and Disability Network for Philosophy Graduate Students

A pair of graduate students have created a network for philosophy grad students struggling with mental health and other issues, hosted primarily on Discord.

[Sara Hagale, “Walkerings” (detail)]

Parker Rose (UCLA) and Alexandra Gustafson (Toronto) want the network’s Discord server to be “a safe space to discuss experiences, share resources, and offer mutual support.” They write:

We are writing on behalf of the Mental Health & Disability Network, a new student-led initiative for graduate students in philosophy, with an invitation for students in your department!

What is the Mental Health and Disability Network? It is a multi-university network dedicated to bringing together graduate philosophy students who face significant mental health and other issues. Hosted primarily on Discord, the Mental Health & Disability Network has three goals: 1) to maintain a friendly, accommodating and non-judgmental space in which peers can share their experiences and support each other; 2) be an advocacy force that will contribute to continuous improvement to make our domain an ever more benevolent space conducive to the well-being of all; and 3) work towards the broader destigmatization of mental health and disability in academia.

Any current philosophy graduate is welcome, no formal (or informal) health diagnosis is necessary.

Interested students should contact Ms. Gustafson at [email protected]ca or Ms. Rose (UCLA) at [email protected] for a secure link to join the network.

Correction (9:21 a.m.): There was a typo in Ms. Rose’s email address in the original version of this post. It is now fixed.