Middle-earth region achieves 100% renewable energy

Happy Hobbit Day of Cosmos!

The Shire became the first region in Middle-earth to operate entirely on renewable energy in a sustainable manner for a year.

Five years ago, activists in the County set up a hydroelectric generator to harness the rivers that flow through the region. The project was designed by a highly respected gardener.

“I traveled a lot a few years ago and realized how beautiful Middle-earth is,” says Samwise Gamgee, who implemented and led the program. “But I also realized how cruel people were to the land.

“When I got home I knew we had to make sure we had a sustainable future.”

Gambee says he was inspired by a piece of jewelry he spent a lot of time with on his travels.

“It was round – circular,” he says. “I wanted our economy to be like this. A circular economy… no, a circular economy.

This hobbit hole in the Shire runs entirely on renewable hydroelectric power. Credit: Flickr

Mordor adopts geothermal energy

The success was well received across Middle-earth, and the regions around Mordor are now establishing a grid entirely powered by geothermal energy.

“Looks like renewables are back on the menu, boys,” remarks Ugluk, an Uruk-hai leader who is also president of Renewable Initiatives for Ngāuruhoe Group (RING), a sustainability organization from Middle-earth.

“The era of oil is over. The time for geothermal energy has come.

But their goal may not be easy.

“We don’t just get into renewable energies,” explains a spokesperson for the Borimir Resurrection Project in Gondor. “The Uruk-hai have a long way to go if they are to achieve what the hobbits have done.”

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The renewable Shire project criticized by the elves

But not everyone considers the County’s renewable energy program to be a great success.

“These hobbits are getting a lot of praise,” says Thranduil, Elvenking of the Woodland Realm. “However, we do know that they threw a precious metal into the Mount Doom fires instead of melting it and recycling it. It doesn’t appear to be part of their so-called circular economy.

“This is the nature of evil. Over time, all the filthy things arise.

He adds that Mirkwood’s relative size makes the transition to renewables much more difficult.

“The County is small, it can get by on hydroelectricity. It’s just not practical to do it on a larger scale.

Gamegee does not agree with this. “I was told that it was just not practical to have the Shire on renewables when I started. Sometimes you have to take on a task, even if you don’t know the way.

“I’m sure Mirkwood could follow in our footsteps, if there was the will to do so.”

Important voices show their support

Regardless, support for the achievement has been strong, with prominent figures advocating for more renewable energy programs across Middle-earth.

“Even the smallest person can change the course of the future,” encourages Galadrial, Lady of the Woods of Lothlórien. “The Quest stands on the edge of a knife. Step aside a bit and it will fail, to everyone’s ruin. Yet hope remains as long as the science is true.

Aragorn, King of Gondor, agrees: “This day does not belong to one man but to all. Let’s rebuild together this world that we may share in the era of renewable energies.

Gambee, who now hopes to rehabilitate Fangorn Forest, is humble about his success.

“It’s the job that never started because it takes the longest to finish,” he says.

“I can’t carry renewable energy projects for you, but I can carry you. “

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