Mission accomplished in the Odessa region

A donation of more than 12 tons of products was made for the humanitarian project “Hope for Ukraine”, implemented by the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) Romania. This was done after consultation, solicitation and acceptance of humanitarian donations by Kyiv-based ADRA Ukraine and the Southern Conference based in Mykolaiv, Ukraine. Tens of thousands of donated products (hygiene products, food, clothes, detergents, baby hygiene products, cooking foods, first aid products, medicines, food supplements, medical supplies used in the hospital, etc. ), worth more than €23,000, were transported on March 22, 2022 in eight vans with the help of twelve ADRA Romania volunteers. They arrived in Ukraine, in Ismail, and the products were used for Ukrainian refugees accommodated either in the centers of the Odessa region or in other regions of Ukraine.

“In the context of the war in Ukraine, the humanitarian aid received is of great help to the needy people in the Odessa region. The coordination council, the organization council and the emergency council , which also includes leaders of the Southern Conference in Ukraine, expresses its gratitude for the humanitarian aid organized by ADRA Romania in the Odessa region. [of] ADRA Romania by our conference involves the assumption of their use for humanitarian purposes for the support of refugees and those who suffered as a result of war actions. Goods received will not be exchanged; they will not generate income; they will be used entirely by Ukrainian refugees,” said Dumitri Popravkin, president of the Seventh-day Adventist Church of the Southern Ukraine Conference.

ADRA Romania’s first humanitarian convocation, “Hope for Ukraine”, held in the Odessa region, benefited from the presence and support of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the regions of Muntenia and Dobrogea, Life and Health Publishing House, Allgäu Medical Service GmbH, Shell-Gui Brand Centre, and others whose names are known to God. All members arrived home safe and sound. We express our appreciation, and may they be rewarded from above!

Emergency humanitarian aid to refugees provided by ADRA Romania volunteers continues at border points with Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova, as well as at Bucharest North Station and other stations across the country .

Since 2015, both at home and abroad, ADRA Romania has been implementing the “Hope for Immigrants” project, through which it supports refugees, immigrants and emigrants. Those who wish to join the ADRA Romania team in the “Hope for Ukraine” project and get involved can do so:

  • by volunteering; fill out this form: Volunteers for refugees in Ukraine
  • through material donations (medical products in particular, but also food products, hygiene products, clothing)
  • through financial donations to the ADRA account
  • by making a donation now on the adra.ro/doneaza website, specifying the “Hope for Ukraine” project for
  • by paying €2 now by SMS to the number 8845, with the text “ADRA”.

Since 1990, ADRA Romania has been particularly involved in development projects that benefit the entire population. Leader in projects undertaken under the motto “Justice. Compassion. Love”, ADRA Romania brings joy and hope into the lives of beneficiaries by promoting a better future, values ​​and human dignity. An accredited social service provider, ADRA Romania is part of the ADRA International network, the worldwide humanitarian organization of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, one of the most widespread non-governmental organizations in the world, active in more than 118 countries and pursuing a philosophy that combines compassion and practicality, reaching out to those in need without racial, ethnic, political or religious distinctions in order to serve humanity so that all may live as God intended.

Misiune îndeplinită în regiunea Odesa!