New: Journal of Asian Philosophy

Asian Journal of Philosophy is a new online academic philosophy journal that aims to publish “high quality articles in all areas of analytical philosophy, but with an emphasis on epistemology, metaphysics, ethics, meta-ethics , the theory of values, the theory of action and the philosophies of mind, language, logic, technology and mathematics.

The mission of the journal is:

serve as a leading platform for analytical philosophy in Asia both in an inner sense and in an outward sense. In Asia, the journal aims to be a visible outlet for analytical philosophers to communicate high quality research and share it with the global community. Outside of Asia, the journal aims to serve as an authoritative reflection of cutting-edge research in Asia and an attractive publication outlet for promoting academic work to the large community of researchers working in the region.

The editor-in-chief of the journal is Nikolaj Jang Lee Linding Pedersen (UIC, Yonsei University). You can see the rest of the editorial team and the board of directors here.

Published by Springer, the first issue of the journal is expected in spring 2022. The journal will have two issues in 2022, then grow to 3-4 issues per year. Although it is not entirely open access, its content will be available free of charge for the first two years. After that, it will be what Springer calls a “transformative journal,” meaning a journal that the publisher has committed to eventually making open access.

According to Professor Pedersen, the journal will only publish in English. He adds: “However, interlinguistic philosophy is one of the areas where we hope to build a meaningful roadmap. In this sense, we will strive to promote – and provide a platform for – philosophy as it relates to different languages. “

You can read more about the review here.

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