Nigeria: Don advocates moral science in school curricula

A professor of ethics and philosophy of religious studies at the Dominican University, Samonda, Ibadan, Jude Mbukanma, has blamed the decadence, especially among young people, on the relegation of moral science in the country’s educational institutions. .

Mbukanma said the absence of strong morals of patriotism, righteousness, diligence, contentment, reward for hard work was responsible for various challenges facing the country.

Don spoke at the university’s first inaugural lecture on “Abandoning Moral Science in Pursuit of Natural Science Education; The Great Mistake in Modernization Theory”.

He therefore said that restoring these values ​​is the only way to meet the challenges.

Mbukanma said Nigerians and their leaders at different levels of government must embrace the virtues of patriotism and love of country to lift the nation above its woes.

“Let us give moral science priority consideration in our educational system because we cannot expect good behavior if morality is not in place and note that virtue is teachable and its reward is happiness,” said said Mbukanma.

Speaking at the event, the university’s Vice-Chancellor, Professor Anthony Akinwale, noted that it was “imperative to remember that today’s conference challenges us to ensure that we don’t not separate politics from morality; and if separated, our country’s challenges will remain insurmountable. »