NTUC Income recommends the “Me First” philosophy | Advertising

Ad Nut bet you probably know a Denise.

The main character in the above film from Singaporean insurer NTUC Income and BBH, she appears as stingy. She seems averse to anyone in her family spending money, and she doesn’t hesitate to bluntly criticize her family members when she thinks they are wasting it.

His brother Derek is his foil; he’s inclined to dwell too much on questionable purchases that are worth Denise’s derision, like a car and a 4K TV.

Ultimately, we understand why Denise acts the way she does and if she truly is the selfish bossy pants that she appears to be. The films end with the slogan “Me First”, and this is part of a campaign to promote retirement planning.

Like another recent NTUC Income movie, ‘Me first’ begins by acknowledging death as something that happens. It’s still a somewhat taboo choice in Singapore, and it’s a choice Income Marketing Director Marcus Chew has had to defend in the past (see “How NTUC Income’s Astonishing Drone Advertising Has Almost Failed managed to be broadcast “).

Here’s what Chew has to say about the new job:

We have often had the impression that Singaporeans choose to do what is popular or expected of them at their own expense. We wanted to better understand what people thought about prioritizing since it is a philosophy that goes against the grain in our society. Taking a ‘me first’ approach in our financial planning encourages a person to put aside enough for themselves first before spending on others and the material things in life that are also important to them. she. This philosophy makes it possible to more carefully assess the reasons and motives for their current spending, and to assess whether they can be better spent to ensure a comfortable retirement in the future.

As a member of a species known primarily to “deplete” resources for the harsh winter ahead, Ad Nut is obviously a fan of financial planning. The Denise team, until the end. Any other approach is just … crazy.


Agency: BBH Singapore
Creative Director: Sascha Kuntze
Group Creative Directors: Janson Choo & Khairul Mondzi
Commercial Director: Manavi Sharma
Associate Account Director: Shu Li Tan
Head of Strategy: Rebecca Ash
Senior Strategist: Amanda Lim
Agency producer: Kim Lim

Production company: Freeflow Productions
Director: Roslee Yusof

Client: NTUC Revenue
Marketing Director: Marcus Chew
Segment Marketing Manager: Chloe Fair
Manager, Segment Marketing: Jessica Leong, Christopher How
Deputy Director, Segment Marketing: Jean-Claire