Paradox of Modern Western Education—II

Problems and prices of materialism

The educational system of a nation depends essentially on its vision of the world; about how nations understand and then philosophize about life. Due to the rise of materialism in the West, matter has been given undisputed supremacy over faith.

Therefore, in essence, materialism is against religion and religious emotions, the engagement of the intellect in the search for truth, and it is against theocracy in its universal and local terms (Ali Shari’ati, man and islam). As a result, so many issues crept into the Western mind which was then philosophized and made the soul and spirit of the education system.

The most important of these problems was that knowledge, a purely intellectual effort, was not now seen as the real power, but it was matter that finally assumed the position of God. Additionally, materialism held that anything that cannot be tested by experience, analysis, logic, and reasoning is not real.

Materialists call this ‘scientific’ view which they claim intends to build the ‘Promised Land’ (an alternative to the Christian notion of ‘Promised Land’) on earth in this life before death. Materialism by its essence has proven to be the antithesis of religion.

The greatest injustice that materialism has done to mankind has been that it has subjugated knowledge and strangled the people of knowledge and thus proved its strong claim that true power is not knowledge but It is the power that can decide what is knowledge and what is ignorance by changing the conception of life itself.