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Philosophy has had tricks on television Talk shows, sitcoms and science fiction dramas, but a recent news item could encourage us to think about the possibility of a reality TV show on the theme of philosophy.

The news is that one of the women featured on the MTV show Teen mom, Amber Portwood, To decided to pursue a training in philosophy. I don’t know Mrs. Portwood and have never watched an episode of Teen mom, but I was told that to call this turn of events “surprising” would be an understatement. (As I type this, I am informed that “to call this turn of events ‘surprising’ would be an understatement” is itself an understatement.)

According to Sixth pageMs. Portwood said, “I believe getting educated is the number one thing to help you grow and move forward… So I’m really passionate about philosophers and philosophy right now. His favorite philosopher is Epictetus.

Reality TV is one of the most popular genres in the medium. Could this be a new direction for public philosophy? As Epictetus might have said, strike while the iron is hot. Now is the time for you to pitch your idea for a philosophical reality TV show.

Some ideas:

  • Naked and scared but instead of two people who start their time surviving in the wilderness with one tool, we have two philosophers who start their time arguing in the wilderness with a single assumption.
  • The true husbands of philosophy Professors. To take The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills but instead of following wealthy women facing the challenges of maintaining lavish lifestyles, it follows middle class people facing the challenges of being married to someone who can’t bother wearing socks. assorted but which will scrutinize your little interview with surgical precision.
  • The single person meets PhilJobs: candidates compete to convince a philosophy department to commit to them.

Your suggestions?

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