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Glow bacteria in the dark in the Molecular Biology Lab, throw a dodge ball in the University Physics Lab, and burn colorful flames in the General Chemistry Lab. There is great beauty in the natural world and the way we can work in it. Man has used the order in the world to improve his life, and let’s face it, laboratory work is both essential for deepening our scientific knowledge and it’s fun. To become well-educated liberal arts students, one must acquire the best possible understanding of physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics.

Pre-registration for the fall semester opens on November 8. Next semester or fall take Chemistry 201, Biology 200, Math 120, and Physics 101 or 201. While classes for non-science majors are fine, it would be better for you and your ilk to learn. the foundations of scientific understanding.

Finding a place for the natural sciences in the liberal arts is easy, as the study of mathematics and science offers operational perspectives on the world. The better we understand reality, the more we grasp the truth, which is the purpose of studying the liberal arts. As a biochemistry major, I am constantly amazed at how the smallest changes inside our cells have such profound impacts on our well-being. When I study physics, I am always surprised when one can predict the exact landing location of a flying ball using mathematics, even though I am familiar with the equations.

The truths obtained from scientific discovery have direct links with other subjects in the liberal arts. We need science, objective study, to inform our understanding of the world, which allows understanding to improve our politics, inform us of history, create a realistic framework for philosophy, produce great art and music and, above all, point us to the Creator. No one who has received a liberal education should have an insufficient foundation in any field, otherwise they will have an incomplete understanding of the liberal arts.

Over the past year, an intense debate over the science related to the pandemic has arisen, with many unable to separate fact from jargonized myth, which is nothing new, but was more intense than previous debates. of recent history. Quality science education can be of great help in taking informed positions on these issues.

Science majors take the same introductory courses as humanities and social sciences majors and have no issues. Perhaps that means the science majors at Hillsdale have a better understanding of the liberal arts.

Remember, virtus tentamine gaudet. Take the challenge and sign up for the same introductory courses as science majors.

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