Qatar National Library explores the literary history of the region in January


Qatar National Library (QNL) January events explore the history of writing and literature in the Arab world, connecting modern readers with those of past generations through lectures, community forums and workshops .

On January 2, Dr Noureddine al-Hamidi, professor at Cadi Ayyad University in Marrakech, will give a lecture on historical libraries in the Islamic world, their misfortunes, the fate of the objects they contained and the subsequent effect on scholarship.
On January 15, young adults are invited to join Abdullah al-Shamri from Ibn Taymiyyah High School to find out how reading can have a positive impact on their personal lives.
The “Our Children Matter” series continues on January 11 and 25 with two sessions on key milestones in motor and sensory development in children aged 2 to 5, and ways parents and educators can strengthen this development.
Visitors to the Doha International Book Fair on January 17-20 can consult the Manuscripts team at the QNL booth for advice, including how to choose between multiple versions and editions of manuscript books.
On January 18, the QNL, in partnership with the cultural service of the French Embassy and the French Institute, presents * Afkar: Rethinking art and philosophy from the Middle East to the West.
The event will present panels of experts discussing the intersection between the Middle East and Europe around the concept of “transfer of studies”, which underlines the importance of Arab-Islamic thought in European intellectual modernity.
The monthly “Philharmonic at the Library” concert will take place in the Special Events Zone on January 20, featuring a selection of impressions of America by composers from around the world.
Literature enthusiasts can enjoy a pair of events towards the end of the month.
During the January 23 webinar “Novel and Poetry in Arab-American Literature”, award-winning authors Sarah MA Gualtieri, Helen Zughaib and George Abraham will discuss Arab-American literature past and present.
Dr Matthew Stiffler of the Arab-American National Museum will deliver the keynote address.
On January 27, the monthly Arabic Book Club will welcome author Saud Alsan’ousi to talk about his recent novel * Saliha’s Camel.
Copies of the book can be borrowed from the User Services Office.
Postgraduate researchers are invited to join QNL Science Majlis on January 29 to provide mutual support, exchange tips and advice, and share their experiences as they progress through their academic journey.
Throughout the month, library visitors can explore the exhibit “Arab Immigrants in the US: Pursuing the American Dream,” which highlights various aspects of Arab immigration to the United States, such as the history , cultural causes and conflicts, and presents the enriching impact of Arabic literature on its American counterpart.