Range of Pole Swiss watches inspired by African philosophy

A new range of swiss watches launched via Kickstarter this month called Pole offering a selection of unique designs inspired by African philosophy. The name Pole is inspired by Swahili expression “Pole Pole” which means to slow down and enjoy every moment and aspect of life. Advance commitments at a special price are now available for the interesting project starting at around $ 174 or £ 129 (according to current exchange rates).

“In this elegant collection we show what we are capable of when it comes to producing stylish Swiss timepieces. But that’s not all. Each watch has a different but impactful meaning that each wearer can take to heart and focus on throughout their life. At the end of the campaign, you will be able to choose the color of your watch using a form that we will send you.

Swiss watch division

Assuming Pole’s fundraising campaign successfully increases its required engagement target and the project progresses smoothly, the global expedition is expected to take place around March 2022. Read more about the Pole Swiss watch range project broadcast the promotional video below.

“The Pole Swiss watch line includes genuine Swiss movement and other stylish and durable materials that define the Pole Watch brand. Each watch features an interchangeable strap system that allows you to easily switch between different styles of straps, adapting to any outfit and personality. The straps are of course genuine leather which ages beautifully over time, giving the watch an even more elegant feel.

“For most of human existence, minutes and seconds did not exist. A single armed sundial or even a twig in the ground was used to track the movement of the sun and thus know what time it was. Pole watches take you back to a simpler time in life where there was no time pressure. The Swiss Ronda movements of our wristwatches glide smoothly, following the time with 15 minute interval marks. Reading the time on our watches is as easy as it is on any other watch.

For a full list of all available advance pledges, extended goals, additional media and more features for the Pole Swiss watch line, go to the official Pole Crowdfunding Campaign page at the link below- below.

Source : Kickstarter

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