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Predictions are for the unenlightened. Statements are for the nonsubtle. The promises are for those who are untrustworthy. If you want a few words that you can believe when the NBA calendar sits on this page, good news, because there are only two.

We’ll see.

As it turns out, Raptors coach Nick Nurse summed up a lot of thoughts with this addendum during the preseason, and you can see why. When two-thirds of your roster (not counting two-way players) is between 6ft 7in and 6ft 9in, when you don’t have suitable tall men, when you try to give every available player the means to be a triple threat, if not in the moment, then ultimately there is not much you can say that can be taken as a guarantee. Everything is speculative. Everything is an experience.

“We’ll see. We’ll see. I don’t know, it’s not my experience, so I’m not going to talk too much about it,” said Fred VanVleet, claiming those two words, over the weekend. “But I think for most of the past few years we’ve been going in (that direction), but now we only have bodies – like all bodies are what they want them to be. I wish I had a body bigger somewhere on the list just because some nights you need someone tall there, but we’ll see I’m a soldier, I’m going to deploy it and see how it goes.

VanVleet didn’t complain as long as he watched.

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