Science and cycling as heroes return to IES Andrés de Vandelvira in Albacete

The ‘Bicicletada’, organized by IES Andrés de Vandelvira in Albacete, after two years without being able to take place due to the pandemic, reached its 12th edition this year, becoming one of the oldest and most classic cycling rallies from Albacete.

Another year, the students and teachers of the ESO Phase I and II center will walk the streets of Al-Baseet on Thursday, April 7 to raise awareness of this clean, smokeless and economical transport, as a real alternative to the urban proposal , sustainable, and even more in the age of urban transport. seizures.

Cycling Albacete / Photo IES Andrés de Vandelvira

This activity is part of the Center Health School project awarded this year by the Community Council of Castilla-La Mancha and they are also involved in the proposal that promotes the urban use of bicycles.

Before the start of this rally, members of the Local Police of Albacete and the Association of Urban Cyclists of Albacete (CORBA) will give a talk on driver training and the safe use of bicycles in the city. Some of the issues that will be highlighted will be the importance of wearing a helmet and a reflective jacket.

Exit from the 12th cycle path in Al-Basit

The departure of the “XII Bike Ride” will be at 11:15 a.m. from the parking lot of the Institute in the direction of the Voie Verte towards the Post Office, rest in the sports area where they will have lunch and return to the Centre. On the way, they will be accompanied by an ambulance, local police and volunteer teachers who accompany each group. After a short break to regain strength, they will begin their return to the institute, where they should arrive around 2:20 p.m.

Cycling Albacete / Photo IES Andrés de Vandelvira

The number of participants targeted by the El Digital Center of Albacete will be the same as for previous editions. The “peloton” will be made up of first and second year ESO students, by ESO, BAC and FP teachers who will lead each group and be responsible for the organization.

Poster “XI A Day of Science in Vandelvira”

“The Eleventh Day of Science at Vandelvera”

The date coincides with the science fair. Thus, IES Andrés de Vandelvira celebrates since yesterday, April 6, until today “XI A Day of Science in Vandelvira”. After an interruption of this event due to the pandemic, the center celebrates the eleventh edition of the “Week of Science”, in the meeting room where a series of selected experiments will be carried out.

“Science Day in Vandelvira” / Photo: IES Andrés de Vandelvira

ESO, baccalaureate and apprenticeship students will offer 12 different activities of a scientific and interdisciplinary nature in the fields of philosophy, physics, computer science, mathematics, chemistry, technology, visual arts or vocational training in the food and chemical industries.

This activity aims to “highlight the importance of science in the support and development of modern society, promote public recognition of scientific activity as an essential tool for meeting the needs of humanity and disseminating science to young in a fun way,” as they pointed out. from the center to El Digital de Albacete.

“Science Day in Vandelvira” / Photo: IES Andrés de Vandelvira

The coordination and organization are the responsibility of the Department of Physics and Chemistry, headed by Mr. Antonio García Cifuentes, Head of this Department.