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The beginning and the end of science. “Miss Information Science, am I still pregnant? This is the original scientific production by Paolo Renate* (Nexus Edizioni, 2021, 175 pages, €20).

Perhaps “scholars, before becoming scholars, must become philosophers. They have to look at what the end of man is and what humanity is supposed to create. Physicians must essentially determine what human beings depend on in their lives” (Masanubu Fukuoka, p. 97, 1975).

Thus we come to the fact that “contemplation is a final thing. It demands innocence, because the will itself in contemplation becomes an obstacle on the way to its realization and results in a direct negation. This position is in stark contrast to the orientation of modern (Western) civilization, both religious and secular” (p. 38).

and “why not begin to observe the phenomenology of biology, realizing that the act of conception is the first true act of birth where all the vital, emotional, existential and relational premises of pregnancy (as well as the known biochemical composition ) are going to form this “excess” of energy necessary for the emergence of life by the reversal of the orgasm? (p. 91).

According to Vandana Shiva “We have to see the difference between good and bad food. The market does not make this distinction. If we fail, not only will we have freedom, but we will no longer have bread. After all, “GMOs are just a crop adaptation to dead soil. So I ask the question: is it really necessary to work with dead soil? No ”(Anna Primaevsi).

As Bateson said, “I think the basic in-universe idea that there are separate ‘things’ is a creation and projection of our psychology.” Del Resto “The old Dakotas were wise. They knew that the human heart, if extracted from nature, degenerates, and they knew that a deep lack of respect for living beings and all that grows, and soon respect for men is allowed to die. That is why the influence of nature, which enables young people to feel deeply, has been such an important part of their education” (p. 155).

* PhD in complex systems of physics, life, social and economic sciences.

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final note

I leave you with the latest news from freelance journalist Matteo Grasses, the latest from Ugo Mate, In fact, nobody knows, but it has been observed (in Qatar, Sweden and the United Kingdom) that after two doses, the protection decreases, then disappears and eventually reverses: the double vaccine causes more ‘infections than the vaccine’ (Martina Pastorelli quotes Alberto Donzelli).