Spiritual Sunday: The Science of Manifestation

There is the world of desires and then there is the world of reality, and a lot of people live their lives believing that there is no way to go from one world to another. Well, they are wrong.

If no one has told you this before, let me tell you now – anything you desire can come true! By anything, I mean, literally, anything! You can do this by learning the science of manifestation.

The basic philosophy behind this concept is that your subconscious has tremendous power – more than you have ever realized. When properly harnessed, it can help you make your thoughts come true.

Here’s an example to better understand: Have you ever thought that you woke up in a bad mood and thought something bad was going to happen, and then it actually happened? Or have you ever wanted something from the bottom of your heart so much that you couldn’t stop thinking about it and actually got it? We are pretty sure you must have encountered such cases; we all do. However, most of the time we ignore them, thinking it is just a coincidence. Believe me, it is not!

It’s all about focus, really. When you give your mind something to focus on, it begins to subconsciously work towards it. If you focus on negative ideas, you will fill your life with negativity. If you focus on positive ideas and thoughts, your life will be full of positivity and prosperity. It really is that simple. There are millions of people in this world who have changed their lives by adhering to this philosophy and so can you!

Why do people fail to achieve their goals?

This is a very interesting question to answer because there are so many factors at play that we have to look at. However, the most important factor is the mindset towards their goals. Many people fail in everything they try to accomplish before they even take the first step towards that goal. The reason is their mentality. They never really believe that their goals can be manifested in reality. This is one of the most important factors that differentiate success from failure.

Let me share an interesting story with you to make this point clear:

Two brothers, six and ten, once played near a well. The older brother fell into the well and began to drown. Without a second thought, the younger brother threw the rope inside the well. The older brother grabbed the rope and the younger pulled it out. When the people found out what had happened, they were in disbelief. They couldn’t understand how such a frail little child managed to pull someone much bigger and heavier than him.

The answer here is that when the incident happened, no one told the younger brother that he couldn’t do it. He believed in himself that he could take his brother away and he succeeded.

The lesson here is that any thought can manifest into reality – if only we believe it can.

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Finding success with the 80-20 rule

The 80-20 rule, also known as the Pareto principle, is an aphorism that asserts that 80% of results are the result of 20% of all causes of a given event. This means that some factors are more crucial than others when it comes to getting a result.

To be successful, you need to prioritize the 20% of factors that will produce the best results and ignore all the other negative aspects that will take you away from your goals.

How to activate your subconscious to achieve your goals?

No goal will ever be achieved without the help of the subconscious mind which is infinitely more powerful than the conscious mind we use. When you really want something and focus your heart and mind on that desire, it eventually enters your subconscious.

This is what it means to successfully apply the power of thought. Once that happens, your subconscious will sort things out for you.

Building clarity in terms of visualization

Be precise; be clear on what you want. If you desire a mansion, think about what you want this mansion to look like. Where would you like to sit for your coffee? Where would you go to sleep? If you’re having trouble creating a clear picture in your head, you should practice journaling. Writing daily about your deepest desires will give you the clarity of thought you are looking for.

Trust and stay positive

People often complain that this philosophy doesn’t work for them. Now, it will only work when your mind is free from doubts and you have complete faith that existence will give you what you asked for.

Be grateful

Ultimately, it’s about being grateful for what you’ve been blessed with. If you want something out of existence, you have to be in receive mode. Existence often blesses us immediately with the things we ask for, but we miss the bounties because we are not in receiving mode. When we are grateful we are in receive mode and we see the loom of existence knitting the fabric of reality from the thread of our dreams.

(The writer is the founder, Divine Science)