Spock’s Most Outrageous Mission Betrayed Star Trek’s Entire Philosophy

In an early Star Trek outing, Spock and the crew of the Enterprise embarked on a scandalous mission that turned the philosophy of the series upside down.

In star trekhis first comic book release, Mr Spock made an outrageous decision that turned the whole philosophy of the series upside down. In Star Trek #1, published by Gold Key Comics in October 1967, the crew of the Company come face to face with a planet overrun by killer plants, and the only way to stop them goes against the spirit of exploration and understanding at the heart of the franchise.

star trek has a long history in comics, but it begins in 1967, about a year after the series premiered. Gold Key Comics, known for its range of comic book adaptations of live-action shows and movies, was the first to publish star trek comics. These golden keys star trek the comics were notorious for their lack of fidelity to the source material. For example, the Company the interiors of the comics bore no resemblance to those depicted in the series, and the comics took a wonky approach to the Star Dates brand. But perhaps the most egregious violation occurred in the very first issue, which saw Spock and Kirk devastate an entire planet.


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While exploring in a remote sector of space, the Company encounters a dense world with lush vegetation. As they investigate the planet, one crew member is attacked by cannibal plants and another is transformed into a murderous plant monster, one who retains his humanity long enough to save his friends and end his own life. Mr Spock and the Company The crew concludes that the planet has been taken over by an invading plant species and the only way to stop it is to destroy the planet. At the end of the issue, Captain Kirk’s journal entry indicates that his last task in this sector was one of “Total Destruction,” and the reader sees the Enterprise blasting the planet with phasers, setting fire to vegetation and all other life on the planet. No writer is credited for the story but it was drawn by Nevio Zaccara.

Star Trek first spock comic

The unknown writer and Nevio Zaccara manage to capture a number of keys star trek concepts, but they also miss the mark in many other respects. The story of the first issue, the Company discover an alien world infested with killer plants, reads like a classic star trek episode; they also manage to work in unfortunate “red shirts”. Yet the story’s conclusion, which sees Mr. Spock giving the order to devastate an entire planet, goes against not only Spock’s personal philosophy, but also that of the star trek franchise as a whole. Although it could be argued that there was no other choice, and that the only way to stop the evil plant aliens from spreading was to destroy the planet, the crew of the Company made no effort to look for another solution. The final panel of the issue, showing the ship’s phasers setting the once-lush and beautiful world ablaze, as Kirk tunes in to “Total Destruction,” is incredibly upsetting.

The golden key star trek the comics, while filled with continuity errors, aren’t without their charm, and they grew more faithful to the show as the series continued. However, mistakes and mistakes in the first numbers can be off-putting, and the first number, showing Spock devastating an entire planet, shows perfectly how star trek‘s scientifically curious and humanistic attitude did not first reach this new medium.

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