“The latest study, titled ‘Global Payday Loans Service Market 2022 by Key Players, Regions, Type, and Application, Forecast to 2028’, published by Affluence Market Report, provides an analysis of the current and future scenario of the Global Payday Loans Service market market. ” In this report, a comprehensive analysis ofRead More →

Even before Uber disrupted the taxi business and Airbnb disrupted vacation rentals, the idea of ​​peer-to-peer lending was intended to offer individuals alternatives to traditional sources of consumer credit, both as borrowers and investors. But the fintech market is constantly evolving. We’ll fill you in on what became of theRead More →

Here’s a breakdown of payday loan demographics by parental status. Parents are more likely to take out payday loans than non-parents. parental status Percentage that has used a payday loan non-parent 5% parent 8th% Payday loans in America Payday loan interest rates and terms can vary widely by state. SomeRead More →

DELTA TOWNSHIP, Mich. (AP) — Ballots to expand voting options, restrict payday loans and revamp Michigan’s civic initiative process cleared the steps before the state’s election committee on Friday, allowing organizers to begin collecting hundreds of thousands of signatures to proclaim themselves to qualify for the 2022 vote. The advertisersRead More →

the Consumer Financial Protection Agency (“CFPB”) has continued to tighten its regulatory scrutiny over the consumer financial services market. On January 26, 2022, the CFPB released an initiative seeking public input on so-called “junk fees” in consumer financial services. According to the CFPB, “garbage charges” occur when: (i) charges areRead More →

Banking initiative launched with two leading financial empowerment organizations Today, the Kentucky Financial Empowerment Commission in Frankfurt, together with United Way of the Bluegrass and Bank On Louisville, announced the formation of the Kentucky Bank on Network (KBON). KBON is a nationwide partnership dedicated to improving the accessibility of banksRead More →

Manna Inc. and its affiliates partner with DailyPay to provide financial benefits to employees [Manna’s Wendy’s, Fazoli’s, and Other Restaurant Franchises] NEW YORK, January 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Manna Inc. and its subsidiaries are among America’s leading restaurant affiliate operators and have partnered with DailyPay to offer their employees aRead More →

MORE than four million payday and home loan customers are being urged to request refunds they may be owed. If you were wrongly sold a Provident, Greenwood or Satsuma loan, you could expect compensation even if you have already repaid it. 1 Provident, Greenwood and Satsuma customers receive small payoutsRead More →

José A. Quiñonez knows what it’s like to live in the shadows. Growing up in Mexico, Quiñonez was brought to the United States after his father was assassinated and his mother passed away from lymphoma, too poor to afford treatment. Quiñonez and his five siblings were split among relatives theyRead More →

Nine years after Ohio lawmakers and voters approved restrictions on payday loan fees for short-term loans, those fees are now the highest in the country. Ohio’s 2008 Payday Loan Act was ineffective. The question now is whether the legislature is ready to deal with it. Lenders avoided the law’s 28Read More →

The Tennessee Attorney General’s Consumer Affairs Division has revealed the top 10 complaint categories for 2020. DCA received 4,053 complaints in 2020 and received services and funds back for Tennessee through working with consumers and businesses. Overall, the number of consumer complaints decreased slightly in 2020 compared to 2019, whenRead More →