TEV-DEM congratulates the inhabitants of the region on the occasion of the anniversary of the revolution of July 19 – ANHA | HAWARNEWS

The Movement for a Democratic Society (TEV-DEM) issued a statement coinciding with the tenth anniversary of the July 19 Revolution, in which it congratulated all the peoples of the region, the families of the martyrs, the injured militants and the forces soldiers on this occasion.

The statement reads as follows:

“First of all, we congratulate all of our Kurdish people, all the components of northern and eastern Syria, all the families of the martyrs and wounded comrades, and all the fighters of the revolution and the forces and protection units of July 19 anniversary of the revolution.

The beginning of the July 19 revolution, which began with the will of our people in Kobani, was the beginning of the end for the collapse of injustice, tyranny and chauvinistic autocratic rule based on the politics of extermination of societal cultures. The July 19 Revolution had a strategic political vision based on Third Way politics, and relying on freedom and self-decision which laid down the moral principles of a true societal revolution to bring societal cultures together under building a free democratic society and guaranteeing the unity of Syrian society and all its components and social strata.

And relying on moral values ​​and important principles such as the democratic nation project, the brotherhood of peoples and coexistence, and this is what fully confirmed that the revolution has won a victory and a historic achievement over the largest terrorist organization thanks to a heroic and qualitative resistance, which by all its measures has indicated the reality of cohesion between societal cultures and revolutionary values ​​and the consolidation of the philosophy of free life, the resistance is still continuing in the spirit of the martyrs of the July 19 revolution.

On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the July 19 revolution, the company has demonstrated with its pioneering capacities this important experience in the process of democratic transformation and the pioneering role of women and young people, that it has become an active and present engaged in creative struggle and resistance in many fields.

This resistance has provided a service to defend the values ​​of humanity and according to self-possibility in the most difficult circumstances, in which our will and our values ​​have been subjected to attacks by extremist forces, led by ISIS, as well as the plans of the Turkish state occupation and its dirty policy of occupation of our regions and massacres against our people.

We of the Movement for a Democratic Society TEV-DEM applaud the achievements and gains of the July 19 Revolution, which were achieved through great sacrifices over 10 years.

We also call on the peoples of the region to organize themselves and join the general mobilization, that is to say the state of emergency declared by the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria in order to face any terrorist attack and threat of Turkish fascism.