Thanos and Darth Vader live by the same terrifying philosophy

Thanos and Darth Vader both share a twisted fighting philosophy, with Marvel Comics revealing the inner workings of invincible villains.

Warning: Contains spoilers for Eternals # 6!

The Mad Titan Thanos and the Sith Lord dark Vador are two of the most towering villains in pop culture, and the Marvel comics featuring the pair confirm that when they face their heroic foes, the two subscribe to the same fighting philosophy. In Star Wars: Vader Down (Jason Aaron, Kieron Gillen, Salvador Larroca and Mike Deodato) and Eternals (Kieron Gillen and Esad Ribic), Vader and Thanos share the foundational belief that has led them to victory in so many battles.

Published in 2015, Vader down has been hailed by many as one of the best stories Star wars never said. While hunting Luke Skywalker, Vader is shot down over a secret rebel base, cornering him in the midst of unsupported hostile territory. Of course, Darth Vader conquers his enemies, slaughtering dozens of enemies in one of the greatest displays of his power to date. In Eternal, Thanos is also outnumbered. After being freed by the Eternal Phastos to end his immortal race, Thanos fights with a group comprising Ikaris, Gilgamesh, and Sersi, whose divine powers pose a threat even to the Mad Titan.

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At a time Vader down and Eternals, fans get a chilling glimpse of how Vader and Thanos view their enemies. In an iconic moment in comedic history, a rebel soldier orders Vader to put down his weapon, telling him he’s surrounded. Vader responds, “I am surrounded only by fear. And dead men.” Despite their divine power, Thanos sees the Eternals in much the same way. The Great Machine – the embodiment of Earth consciousness – explains, “Thanos doesn’t think of ‘battles.’ Battles are for those with peers. He thinks of slaughter and murder. There are him and endless victims.” This concept of seeing those who stand against them not as enemies, but as already dead, is a chilling philosophy that is part of why Darth Vader and Thanos are so unstoppable.

Darth Vader Thanos

In the vast majority of their battles, neither Thanos nor Darth Vader conceptualize their enemies as equals, but simply as people they are about to kill. This sense of purpose – a twisted form of positive thinking – serves both of them well, making them look incredibly intimidating, but also informing about how they approach the challenge of winning. Having decided that they were going to kill people before them, the only decision left for Vader and Thanos is how best to do it.

Even when they are wrong and their enemies turn out to be equally deadly peers, Vader and Thanos show an uncanny ability to simply try again, choosing a new battleground and new tactics. When defeated by Jedi Master Kirak Infil’a, Darth Vader recovered and then returned to flood a nearby town, dividing the hero’s attention and then killing him to claim his kyber crystal. Likewise, faced with a race of enemies resurrected to death, Thanos adjusts his tactics, striking from the shadows to shatter the Eternals’ command structure and resources. Vader and Thanos have defeated enemies others would consider invincible, both because they possess superhuman willpower and, Marvel says, because they never doubt their eventual victory.

Of course, Kieron Gillen being involved in both Eternals and Star Wars: Vader Down also suggests that, to some extent, readers literally see the same philosophy at work, but Vader and Thanos put their own twist on this dark belief, with Thanos taking pleasure in demonstrating his superiority, while Vader never comes close. of such a positive emotion. dark Vador and Thanos are considered by many to be unbeatable adversaries, and in Vader down and Eternals, it turns out they agree.

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