The battle for No. 1 as Class 4A Region 5 heats up

By Jeremy Bryant, WVUA 23 Student Sports Reporter

TUSCALOOSA COUNTY – The Northside High School Rams football team has had great seasons every year for the past few years, and this year is nothing out of the ordinary, but with a different twist with a new face wearing the hat. head coach.

Longtime Rams assistant coach Robbie Jones was brought up ahead of the start of the season following the retirement of former head coach Chris Hilliker. A changing of the guard can usually have a difficult period of success, but with the Rams it went smoothly as they went away (4-1) halfway through the season and Jones thinks the only thing that changes the decor is the person who decides

“Our philosophy has not changed, Coach Hilliker has come out and I have stepped in to do it in the best way possible. Northside has a standard and we have lived up to it and continue to move forward,” said said Jones.

The Rams face the Corner High School Yellow Jackets on Friday night, who are in fine mid-season form with a record (5-0) and atop the regional standings at No. 1. Jones doesn’t shy away from the challenge, but also knows that a win against a stacked team like the Yellow Jackets won’t be easy.

“They’re great, they have great running back, great tight end and great receiver. The quarterback gets the ball out quick and their defense flies to the ball, so they’re doing a great job there,” Jones said.

On the other hand, Corner head coach Jon Cooper doesn’t take the Rams lightly as he knows the history of the great success Northside has had recently and will use this game as a way to measure his team against one of the longtime bullies. In the region.

“We put a few stars next to a few teams that obviously have a lot of tradition, and they have a lot of wins overall over the last two years. Northside is one of those teams that has won 42 games over the past four years. We watch them and know they’re going to have win-win effects no matter who they left or who they come back to,” Cooper said.

Cooper and his yellow jackets are definitely going to leave it all on the court as they have something big at stake in this game as well. If they were to win, it would be the first time the football team had won (6-0) since 1964.

If they failed to take the win, they would fall to a tie for first place in the region with Northside, the very team that Cooper believed was the team to beat before the start of the season.

The game will be played at Corner High School, starting at 7 p.m.