The Maha government and the C40 Cities network launch the “Women4Climate” program

The government of Maharashtra and the C40 Cities Network, a global forum that deals with climate change, have launched the “Women4Climate” program, which aims to bring all women residing in Mumbai together under one roof to fight climate change. As part of the program, launched on Monday, the state government and the C40 Cities Network will work to bring out the leadership qualities of women so that a stage can be set for the next generation of climate leaders, a statement released Tuesday said. The C40 Cities Network will share knowledge and experience and provide mentoring, training and networking opportunities for women in the city, he said.

The government of Maharashtra with the C40 Cities Network, a global network fighting climate change, as part of its Mumbai climate action plan, on Monday launched the Women4Climate program which aims to bring all women together city ​​residents under one roof to fight climate change, ” the statement read. The program is inspired by the philosophy of “think local and act globally”, according to which women in C40 cities can develop and implement actions to accelerate their climate projects and strategies in order to achieve the overall objective of the objectives of sustainable development, he said. ” In 2020, when Mumbai joined the C40 Cities Network to develop a strong roadmap to address the challenges of climate change, we made history and now, putting women at the forefront of the action plan climate change in Mumbai, we believe in them to guide us all of this to make a huge contribution to global efforts to tackle climate change, ” said Minister of State for Environment, Tourism and Protocol Aaditya Thackeray . Next-generation climate leaders will be selected through a mentoring program that will seek to place female mentees under the direction of their mentor, the statement said. As part of the program, monthly webinars will be organized where mentees from different cities will come together to learn about each other’s initiatives, share their achievements and ideas for improvement, he said. Applications for the 10-month program can be completed on the website and aspirants can apply until October 18.

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